Grand Salami Betting in the NHL

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Grand Salami Betting in the NHL

Learn more about grand salami betting in the NHL.

Key Points

– Grand Salami betting is popular in the NHL.

– There is some strategy involved in Grand Salami betting in the NHL.

Grand Salami Betting in the NHL

Although the Grand Salami may seem like the ideal sandwich to order at the neighborhood deli, it is also a well-liked prop bet in sports betting. It’s an interesting variation on the conventional totals bet.

It’s a wager that’s only available in hockey and baseball, and it refers to the total of all the games that are on the board in a given night as a whole. If you still are not following, we’ll discuss the Grand Salami in further detail.

Grand Salami Defined

Unlike betting NHL puck lines, a Grand Salami bet is just a total (also known as an Over/Under) posted by the oddsmakers. The difference is that you’re trying to predict whether the entire combined scores of every team in every game will go Over or Under a set total. 

Grand Salami betting is typically only available for the NHL and MLB. An example can help in gaining a better understanding. 

There are three hockey games on the board on a given night in the NHL. Each individual game has a set game total. We’ll say the totals are 5, 5.5, and 6.5. Those numbers add up to 17, but that is not how the Grand Salami is set. 

It is a separate total set by oddsmakers. In this case, let’s say they set the Grand Salami at 17.5. Bettors then wager on whether they believe the six teams playing that night will total more or less than 17.5 goals. 

The bet may look like that at your sportsbook. Be sure to have a highly rated sportsbook to do all of your sports betting business.

  • Grand Salami
  • Over 17.5 (+105)
  • Under 17.5 (-125)

If you wager $100 on the Over and the final scores are 3-2, 5-3, and 4-3; you would win $105. The three games add up to a total of 20 goals, more than the set total. 

Where to Find Grand Salami Betting

Every night in the NHL, virtually every sportsbook has a Grand Salami on the board. Check the hockey section of your sportsbook to find the wager. 

Grand Salamis for the NFL or NBA have long been mentioned in rumors, but they are rarely observed. A Grand Salami sometimes seen during major events, such as Conference Championship Sunday in the NFL or the NBA Playoffs.

However, this bet is typically only on the board for the NHL and MLB. That’s probably a good thing. Another good thing is learning how to manage your betting bankroll. Make smart money decisions when betting the Grand Salami.

Calculating the Total

A common misunderstanding is that the Grand Salami is calculated by adding the totals of each game on the board. In other words, the Grand Salami would be 65 if there were 10 hockey games listed on the board, each with an individual total of 6.5 goals. 

In reality, various formulas are used by sportsbooks to determine the Grand Salami number. The posted totals for each game on a given night’s slate are a good place to start. 

The numbers are added up and then frequently adjusted for a variety of reasons. Injuries, lineup adjustments, recent performance, and more are factored into the grand total. The Grand Salami will always be close to the sum of the individual totals. 

Grand Salami Betting Strategy

Knowing what the Grand Salami is, now you can bet on it. How do you win more of these bets? That’s where some strategy helps.

When you bet on a side, you identify which team is better. When betting NHL futures, you consider one team or one individual player. When you bet on a game total, you predict how the teams will match up against each other. 

With Grand Salami betting in the NHL, you have to consider much more. The first thing to take into account is the starting goalies. Will every team start its No. 1 goaltender? How many teams will play backups? 

Rest and injuries are the other two huge factors to consider. Rest is important because hockey teams sometimes have three or four days off between contests or play back-to-back road games. Sometimes, they will play three games in four nights. When that occurs, fatigue enters the equation, which may affect scoring. As teams frequently struggle to play with the same vigor as the previous night, fatigue can result in sloppy defensive play or dead-legs on offense.

Make sure you are aware of who is suiting up and who is out due to injury because hockey is a very physical sport. For instance, if one of the NHL’s top goal scorers is out for that night, it’s going to impact his team’s scoring. If several top scorers are out, that is going to have a pretty strong effect on the totals of each game. 

Each of these factors alters how you would assess an individual game total. That means it will affect how you assess Grand Salami betting, one of the top hockey pro bets for you.

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