Unique Online Sportsbook NFL Weekly Betting Specials

Unique Online Sportsbook NFL Weekly Betting Specials

The NFL is the biggest sports betting league in the country led by the innovation that online sportsbooks bring to the action on the field. Any betting outlet whether it is a land-based operation or an online venue will take bets on NFL pointspreads and total lines. You can add in a grocery list of exotics starting with parlays, teasers and pleasers. Sprinkle in some betting futures and props and that will pretty much comprise the basic lineup for betting on the NFL each week.

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Offshore books taking NFL action online have been doing so for quite some time. Even more so than the most established brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in Las Vegas, the online sportsbook industry has revolutionized the overall sports betting industry in recent years. They still offer the widest selection of betting options in the business, especially when it comes to betting on the NFL.

One of the fastest growing segments of NFL betting is on the weekly props that are released in conjunction with the games. Not all that long ago, the only time you would find NFL game props on the board at any sports betting venue was for the Super Bowl and, even then, the overall selection was rather limited.

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A visit to the current betting board of any online sportsbook heading into Sunday’s slate of NFL games reveals a wide array of prop bet odds for just about every possible aspect of every game. If betting NFL props is a big part of your overall strategy, then it is well worth the effort of shop the numbers. This is a great way to find the best value for similar props across all the online books you currently do business with. You can always open another online account if you come across a much better value on that site’s prop bet board.

An even smarter reason to shop NFL prop bet options from one online sportsbook to the next is a growing list of prop bets that are unique to a particular online sports betting site. Unique in the sense that you will not be able to find the same betting opportunity at the next online book on the list.

Every online book is looking for an edge to attract sports bettors to its site. A good example of a unique betting prop are specialty parlay plays. You can bet a three-team parlay using any three teams you want for a fairly standard 6/1 return if you have a winning ticket.

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One of the top online books in the industry will group three particular teams into a parlay for an enhanced return of 6.75/1. It might be a West Coast parlay that groups the Rams, 49ers and Raiders together in a three-team play. You might be able to find a higher return on a Sunshine State Special play featuring Miami, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. As long as the three or sometimes four picks make sense to you, the added boost in the payout odds works to reduce the built-in house edge.

America’s Bookie routinely offers a NFL OVER/UNDER prop for the number of Sunday/Monday games going OVER 39.5 points. Most times the odds expand out to offer two or three different ways to bet this prop. Also on the board are season-long quarterback props for specific head-to-head matchups in terms of which one will throw for the most yards

There is no limit to the different NFL props posted each week that are unique to one particular online bookie. There is always betting value to be found on any given Sunday if you are willing to spend some additional time looking for it.


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