Take Advantage of the Best 2021 Football Promotions and Contests


Take Advantage of the Best 2021 Football Promotions and Contests

When it comes to betting on sports, football is the biggest betting sport by far. College football fills the slate every Saturday from late August through the bowl season into early January. The pros take center stage on Sunday with a full betting board of NFL games into early February with the Super Bowl.

Add in prime time football games from Thursday through Monday night and there is more than enough football action to wager on.

In an effort to make the 2021 football season the best ever for avid US bettors, the RDG Corp. lineup of America’s Bookie, HRWager.ag and 1Vice.ag have put together an All-Pro lineup of bonus offers, promotional incentives, contests and betting pools.

These three top-rated offshore sportsbooks offer a state-of-the-art online betting platform complete with mobile sports betting capabilities for any handheld device with internet access.

One thing all three of these online books have in common is a generous bonus offer with low rollovers on every deposit you make into your online betting account.

High rollers with a heavy weekly betting volume can earn a matching 100% deposit bonus that only requires 10 rollovers. Recreational bettors looking for some action on Saturday and Sunday’s big games can receive a 30% matching bonus with just three rollovers on your deposit and bonus amount.

NSA Approved : Americas Bookie is an impressive online sports betting site that has been in business since the year 2005

Free bet credit can also be earned through valid customer referrals. If things do not go your way over the course of a month, you are eligible for the Gambler’s Insurance policy. A free bet credit will be rebated back into your betting account equaling 10% of any net monthly loss. This helps to get the new month off to a fresh start.

Where these three online sportsbooks really standout from all the rest is a comprehensive rewards program tied to your online betting activity. 

You can earn valuable points that can be saved and redeemed for free payouts, free bet credit and other on-site perks. Best of all, these points do not expire so you can save up for what interests you the most.

Along with this exciting promotional plan, the new NFL season ushers in a trio of contests and money pools tied to your weekly deposits. This is another way you can extend your betting bankroll with free-bet cash prizes.

2021 Football Promotions and Contests at America’s Bookie 

NFL 33 Club

One of the easiest ways to win this football season is by entering the NFL 33 Club. Simply make a deposit of $300 or more and you can gain entry each week. If the NFL team you pick scores exactly 33 points in that week’s game (win or lose), you win $333. 

Depending on the amount of your total deposits for the week, you can earn multiple entries as follows:

Total Weekly Deposit Amount

$300 to $499- 1 Team

$500 to $999- 2 Teams

$1000 or more- 3 Teams

NFL Last Man Standing

The ultimate NFL survivor pool is back with a total grand prize of $5000. Entries into this money pool are tied to total deposits as well during a designated timeframe. 

Anyone making a deposit into an active online betting account over the past year automatically gains one entry.

Starting on July 1, 2021 and running right through Sept. 5, additional entries can be earned based on your total deposit amount. Here is the official entry chart:

$100 to $499 = 1 Entry

$500 to $999 = 2 Entries

$1000 to $1999 = 3 Entries

$2000 to $2999 = 4 Entries

$3000 to $4999 = 5 Entries

$5000 or more = 7 Entries

As you can see, the more money you add to your betting account, the better the chance you have of winning the $5000 grand prize.

Each week of the NFL regular season you need to pick one straight-up winner. Win and you advance to the following week’s round. You can only use a NFL team once during the duration of the contest. In case of a tie, the money will be evenly split among all the winners.

NFL Weekly Squares

The third main contest for the 2021 NFL season is weekly squares. You can win half of your highest weekly deposit back if you are the halftime winner. If your square matches the final score combination, you will be credited back the amount of your biggest deposit for that week.

NFL Squares is the ultimate game of chance with two guaranteed big winners each and every week of the NFL season right through the Super Bowl. This is one of the easiest ways to boost your betting account simply for making a weekly deposit of $100 or more.

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