Rank/Team/W-L/Last Wk


1.Colts 6-0 (1) Manning is making it look easy and their division and schedule is easier than most.  If they stay healthy, they will end up with a bye and most likely the #1 seed.

2.Saints 6-0 (2) Add a character building comeback to their already impressive resume.  At the halfway point, they are the NFC’s most complete team.

3.Broncos 6-0 (3) They couldn’t have started any better to get the players and fanbase believing.  It remains to be seen how they deal with adversity, but you’ve got to be impressed so far…

4.Patriots 5-2 (6) The young defense is already better than last year’s version and is gaining confidence.  Upcoming 5 games against Miami (twice), Indy, the Jets and New Orleans will make or break season.

5.Steelers 5-2 (7) A little fortunate against the Vikings with a questionable tripping call and strange bounces, but good teams take advantage and make no mistake, Pittsburgh is a very good team.

6.Vikings 6-1 (4) As much as I’d like to I can’t fault Favre for that loss.  It should’ve gone to OT at least.  Big hype game this week in Green Bay, and if there is a god, Favre gets hit often and throws 5 picks…LOL…

7.Bengals 5-2 (9) Good use of the mulligan given after laying an egg against Houston…  Exposed the Bears for the frauds that they and Cutler are…

8.Packers 4-2 (13) The Cheese Cutters that pack Lambeau want BLOOD this Sunday!!!  Seriously, Aaron Rodgers CANNOT lose this game if he wants to have a future in Green Bay…

9.Cardinals 4-2 (16) Now, if the Cards can play like they did in NY every week, they will not only win their division, but be a tough out in the playoffs.  We’ll see….

10.Giants 5-2 (5) Feasting on cupcakes for 5 weeks kept us from seeing that the G-men have some issues.  They don’t seem to be as physical as they were for most of last year and where was the pass rush?

11.Ravens 3-3 (10) All 3 losses were to good teams so don’t be misled by the record; they could easily be 5-1.  Had the bye week to regroup and get ready for showdown with Little Hoodie and the Broncos.

12.Cowboys 4-2 (19) Got a lift from Miles Austin and the Boys looked like they’ll be in the hunt for the division.  Of course, Tony “no playoff wins” Romo and Uncle Wade will find a way to screw it up.


13.Falcons 4-2 (8) This is a nice team but not a contender, the defense is suspect and they’re not ready to play with the big boys…

14.Jets 4-3 (14) Took care of business against that minor league team out in Oakland.  Ground game was good and Sanchez had so much time to throw, he was able to wolf down a couple of hot dogs while going through his progressions…..

15.Eagles 4-2 (12) Count me as unimpressed with the Birds…  That “Wild Dog” offense with Vick is awful and robs the regular offense of any continuity and momentum… 

16.Chargers 3-3 (17) Norv’s boys are beating the mediocre teams and losing to playoff caliber teams…. That makes them a perfectly good mediocre team!

17.Texans 4-3 (18) Hung on for dear life against SF after jumping out to a 21 pt. lead but there are no ugly wins in the NFL.   Can they win every game before playing Indy twice and NE later in the year? I doubt it….

18.Bears 3-3 (11) Winner of this week’s Fraud-of-the-Week award…  Can’t win on the road, can’t make the playoffs….  How’s that Cutler signing working out, Bear Fan????

19.Dolphins 2-4 (15) Can’t call em a fraud, since I didn’t think they were that good in the first place.  But, what a GAG job by “Tough-Guy “ Sparano’s crew….  Way to play 60 minutes, fellas!

20.Bills 3-4 (22) They win the prize for the most boring team with the most boring coach…..  but good enough to beat the most stubborn team and coach in Carolina….  This just in, Jake has thrown another pick!

21.Jaguars 3-3 (21) Jacksonville at Tennessee this week!  Oh boy, wake me up when it’s over……

22.Niners 3-3 (20) Let the QB carousel begin!  “When you have a lot of something, you have nothing” as John Madden used to say…..


23.Seahawks 2-4 (24) Are they still in the league, or did they defect to Canada?

24.Panthers 2-4 (23) John Fox is going to go down with the ship called the “S.S. Delhomme”….   Loosely translated, Delhomme is French for interception…..

25.Redskins 2-5 (25) A top ten defense stuck with an Ivy league offense…   Bill Walsh could come back from the grave to call plays and it wouldn’t matter with that offensive line….

26.Raiders 2-5 (26) Seymour’s playoff prediction really got them fired up, didn’t it?  Collect your check, but  do yourself a favor and don’t talk to the press …  You’d have a tough time getting into a BCS bowl game…

27.Lions 1-5 (27) Season Ticket holders get to see the Rams visit the Lions this week…. Talk about laying cash to see clunkers!!!!  But hey, the Lions should smell blood here, no excuses….

28.Browns 1-6 (28) Who’s next after the Mangina experiment fails?  Maybe they can hire Charlie Weis and make it a trifecta of Belichick assistants who can’t run their own programs…

29.Chiefs 1-6 (29) Speaking of BB underlings who can’t succeed away from the nest, I give you Scott Pioli….  Many Pats fans are glad he’s not drafting anymore…..

30.Rams 0-7 (30) Man, there are a lot of bad teams out there….what happened to Parity?

31.Bucs 0-7 (31) Flying across the pond is a long way to go to get a beatdown…..I mean they could of stayed home in Tampa to get that….just saying…

32.Titans 0-6 (32) Just another coach that wanted to run the personnel dept. and couldn’t handle it…  Keep wearing other team’s jerseys, yeah that’s a good move after losing 59-0…..

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