Free NFL Picks from Stephen G (Week 8)

After what’s been a pretty mediocre year in the picks department, I finally had a good week going 6-1 in week 7!   If you’re an optimist, it’s the start of good things and the needed momentum to get the season back on track..  If you’re a pessimist, perhaps last week was just a case of the sun shining on a dog’s ass for one week!  Even though I picked like a pro last week, I am just a blogger and not affiliated with NSAWins handicapping service..  On to the picks….

Last Week 6-1  (86%)

Season 24-27 (47%)


Sunday 11/1

Indianpolis minus 12.5 – I’m riding the Manning express my friends, they are good and they are ruthless when it comes to putting inferior teams away, and as we’ve seen, the Niners are inferior.  They flex their muscles in the weak-sister NFC West, but are no match for the big boys and the Colts are as good as this league has to offer right now.  Lay the points.

Dallas minus 9.5 – The Cowgirls have some momentum and with the G-men falling back to the pack, they are right in the mix for the NFC East.  The Seahags, on the other hand, have proven to be a fraud and are softer than soft.  Dallas in a rout…..

Miami plus 3.5 – I know “big-talking” Rex will be out for revenge, but his fat ass ain’t playing…  The war of words have begun and make no mistake, this will be a war….  I don’t see how the Jets will be able to stop the run any better this time around, especially now that Jenkins is out…  so, in what should be a close one, I’ll take the points. 

Chicago minus 13 – Da Bears are lousy on the road but pretty good at home.  They will want to feel good about themselves and who better to do it against than Mangina and the Brownies… This is the kind of game where Chicken Cutler will light it up and people will again be fooled into thinking he is good…  but for one day, I’ll lay the points…

Green Bay minus 3 – Favre had his revenge in Minnesota a few weeks ago, now it’s Green Bay’s turn to get theirs…   Minny gets all the pub for their offense, but believe it or not, the Packers are one of 3 teams with a top 10 offense and top 10 defense, the others?  Indy and NE….  Not sure what it means, but it tells me the Packers are pretty good and think they hold serve here and stick it to Brett Fossil..

Monday 11/2

New Orleans minus 10 – I know it’s a divisional game and they tend to be tight, but I’ve soured on Atlanta and think teams are figuring out that their defense isn’t up to par and Matty Ice, or whatever his stupid nickname is, isn’t lighting up any good teams..  Take away Tony Gonzalez and this team struggles to score…  The Saints are the top team on offense and if Tony Romo can rip the Falcons defense, what will Brees do?

New Orleans/Atlanta Over 54 – The Monday night “Over Train” rolls along….


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