From the Observation Deck (Vol.9)

Saints-Falcons– It’s been said that you should never go to bed mad.  Well, if you stayed up to watch the end of this poorly-officiated, replay-laden game and you had the Saints minus 10, you were pissed off at the way this ended.  Let’s go to the replay, shall we?  Under 2 min. left, Saints up by 11 and the Falcons drive ended on a 4th down incompletion.  Saints take over with 1:35 or so left on their 35 or so.  They couldn’t run out the clock since Atlanta still had 2 TO’s.  So, they keep handing off to the RB… no problem… after the 2 TO’s on 1st and 2nd down, you run again on 3rd down and you milk all the time you can and then punt on 4th and make Atlanta go the length of the field with less than 1 min….  All good, but what happens?  the stupid rookie RB tries to fight for meaningless yards and gets the ball stripped.  Now Atlanta takes over on the 38 yard line, makes a pass or two to get into FG range and bingo, cuts the lead to 8…good night cover….UGH……What are you doing SON?  Get to the friggen ground, you tool you!

World Series-Exactly when are the Yankees going to wake up and pitch around Chase Utley???  The guy is crushing everything he sees….  and especially since Ryan Howard couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a banjo right about now….  Utley and maybe Werth are the only guys that can hurt you…  Come out of your coma, Girardi….

Celtics Re-sign Rondo– … some may say its too rich of a deal, but today’s rich deals are tomorrow’s bargains….  plus the C’s window to win #18 is this year and maybe next year…  and this avoids what would’ve been a  major distraction all year long.  And when Rondo plays well, they are a force..  Gotta hand it to Ainge, he is one former player-turned-GM who knows what he’s doing.

Shaq Signing – Put me down as someone who thinks Cleveland signing Shaq will make this team regress and not put them over the top…  Yeah maybe if it was the Shaq of 1999 not the 2009 version…He’s still big and can dunk when he has position, but his post up game is now average and his defense, especially on high pick and rolls is pretty bad…  Of course Cleveland will still contend but mostly due to Lebron taking over and the league giving him every call so they can market him…

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