Weekly Free NCAA and Pro Football Picks from “The Pigskin Guy”(Week: Sept 26-28 2009)

Free Football Picks from FSR Blog Writer David E(AKA “The Pigskin Guy”)

What a TERRIBLE week last week. Man was I awful in the pro’s. I went a solid 2-1 67% in college last saturday but was a pitiful 1-5 in the NFL sunday and monday. Embarassing! Well, I picked myself up off the canvas, dusted my clothes off and now I’m back ready to redeem myself this week. Please note that I am NOT affiliated with NSAwins.com’s professional handicapping service and am just a contributor for the “FINAL SCORE REPORT” blog on NSAwins.com. Let’s get to it…

2009 NCAA Football Record: 4-2 67%
2009 NFL Record: 6-7 46%
2009 OVERALL Record: 10-9 53%

THE PIGSKIN GUY’s College Football Free Picks for Saturday, September 26, 2009

Iowa +9.5 – Penn St is going to have it’s hands full in this game. I know all about the “revenge” factor that will motivate Joe Pa’s crew for losing last season at Iowa that ruined Penn St’s national title game hopes. However, the bottom line is Iowa is 3-0 and has really played well and Penn St is 3-0 but hasn’t been that explosive offensively against lightweight teams(Akron, Syracuse, Temple). Look for Iowa to hang close all game and have a shot at winning at the end.

Texas Tech +1 – Reality check time this saturday for the Cougars. Sure, they can play and had a solid 45-35 win up at Oklahoma St. However, now teams are going to take them seriously and Texas Tech will be looking to get back on track after losing 34-24 last saturday in Austin. Texas Tech has too much talent top to bottom to not win this game. The wrong team is favored in this game.

South Florida @ Florida St OVER 50.5 – I love the OVER in this one. This isn’t the same FSU defense of old. They won impressively last week at BYU 54-28, but still gave up a boatload of yards. They gave up 38 in their opener to Miami-Fl and are given up 25 ppg and over 423 total yards defensively per game. Their offense, however, has been impressive averaging 35.7 ppg and over 438 total yards of offense. South Florida is 3-0 against three cream puffs but their offense is rolling averaging 44.7 ppg and over 455 total yards per game. Look for both teams to put up a lot of points.

THE PIGSKIN GUY’s NFL Football Free Picks for Sunday, September 27, 2009

NY Giants -6.5 – Tampa Bay is a joke. Let’s face it, they SUCK. Their defense is nothing short of an embarassment, as they have given up 30 plus in both of their two losses(Dallas, Buffalo) and are allowing 450 total yards per game. Look for the GMEN to score at will and for the Giants defense to reedem itself for last sunday night’s poor showing in Dallas.

49ers +7 – The 49ers have impressed me so far. Their defense is really doing the job giving up just 13 ppg and only 58 ypg rushing. Outstanding. Look for the 49ers defense to get us the cover by keeping this game close throughout and not allowing the Vikings to run wild with Peterson. Take the points and don’t be surprised if the 49ers win outright.

Detroit +6.5 – Detroit has to win sometime right? Well, if they are, than sunday against a pitiful Redskins offense just might be the time to do it. Is ANYONE confident that Jason Campbell can light up a scoreboard? I don’t think that bum could light up a scoreboard on MADDEN nevermind against a NFL team. I know the Lions are more like a pop warner team than a NFL team, but I’ll still take my chances with +6.5 versus a team led by Jason Campbell any day of the week.

Atlanta +4.5 – The Patriots will be a serious contender come December. You can take that to the bank. Belichick is too good and the Pats still have too much talent not to get things figured out. Having said that, the Pats are banged up(WR Welker questionable, MLB Mayo OUT) and have really struggled offensively and been inconsistent defensively their first two games. Now they play their toughest foe yet(sorry Jets fans) and should be fortunate to win nevermind cover the -4.5 number. Look for a FG game either way so I’m taking the points.

Tennessee +3 – Biggest GIFT of the year so far. You got a talented Titans team trying to save their season and avoid 0-3 going up against a 2-0 Jets team that is riding high after a BIG win over it’s top rival and reading their press clippings about how suppossedly great they are. This has all the makings of a HUGE letdown game for the Jets against a Titans team that absolutely MUST win this game to keep it’s division title hopes from slipping away and avoid not only 0-3 overall but 0-3 in the AFC.

THE PIGSKIN GUY’s NFL Football Free Picks for Monday, September 28, 2009

Dallas -8.5 – Carolina looks like they simply aren’t all on the same page. They are 0-2 and need to win this game to avoid 0-3 but I just don’t see it happening. The defense is brutal and the Cowboys should have their way on the ground against a Panthers defense giving up 168 yards per game on the ground. If Tony Turnover doesn’t throw it up for grabs like he likes to do far too often, than I think Dallas wins going away.

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