From the Observation Deck (Vol.6)

How bout them Cowboys…. Watched the grand opening of  Jerry’s Big Dallas Palace last night.  We got to watch all the “real winning” Cowboys on the field including Michael Irvin who looked an idiot with his shades and big collared shirt.  (must be back on drugs) Got to see Laura Bush in a luxury box with the Jones’ women, President Bush sitting in another with John Madden (who looked bored while Madden was doing his best Frank Caliendo impression) and about 100 shots of Jerry including one shot by NBC of him picking his nose.  (wonder what THAT looked like on the Vizio in the sky ?)  There was even a football game if you can believe it.  The G-Men pulled out a game that they probably had no business winning, but when you get 4 turnovers, that has a tendency to happen.  You gotta love Tony Romo, he has the unique ability to give BOTH teams a chance to win.  What’s his excuse going to be this year?  No T.O. and no Jessica Simpson to blame now…  As for the stadium, it is impressive, but I think Jerry should’ve saved some dough and bought a new coach and QB myself.  He should be in those Bud Light “real men of genius” commercials.  I can just see it now, “Here’s to you, Mr. Taj Mahal builder of the Lone Star State”, you managed to build a beautiful package for a mediocre product.

New York Jets – Yes it was an impressive defensive effort by the J-E-T-S yesterday and they were the better team yesterday.  However, please settle down Jets fans.  I know this was the biggest win this decade for you and I know you’re all calling in sick this morning to attend the parade, but last time I looked they don’t hand out rings in September.  And all you media pundits who want to declare this as some “changing of the guard” in the AFC East, get some perspective….  This was week 2 and while it showed the Jets are improved, all they did was hold serve.  Let’s wait and see how this plays out over the long haul before you fall all over yourselves handing them the division.  As for New England, it is ironic that it is the offense that is the problem so far, for all the talk about who the defense lost from last year, who would’ve thought it would be Brady & Co. holding them back?

USC gags again – It’s happened again!  In what seems like an annual occurrence, the Trojans lost again to an inferior Pac-10 opponent on the road.  Instead of whining about the BCS screwing you every year, how about taking care of business yourselves?  I know Pete Carroll is a class act and he gets the credit for revitalizing that program and isn’t afraid to play good teams and all, but let me take an opposite view.  Carroll is a decent coach who excels at the college level for all the reasons he didn’t at the pro level.  He’s a rah rah guy whose football-isn’t-everything-in life approach is okay, but it also results in teams who aren’t very mentally tough and have the bad habit of playing to the level of their opponents.  He has arguably the best talent year after year and really doesn’t recruit as much as select who he wants.  For all this talent, he’s only delivered one national championship and has underachieved in my view.  We should consider them the “Atlanta Braves” of the NCAA.

Conclusions from week 2 in the NFL – Can we draw any concrete conclusions after 2 weeks?  I don’t know, but unpredictablity is what makes this league the undisputed leader in sports.  Take a look at last year’s AFC playoff teams, for example.  Tennessee, Indy, Miami, Pittsburgh, Baltimore & San Diego so far have combined to go 5-5 and will be 6-6 after tonight’s Indy/Miami game.  Add New England to that list and it would be 7-7.  Is this an indicator of things to come?  Perhaps, but it IS early and the cream usually rises to the top.

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