Free College Football and NFL Picks for Saturday and Sunday(10/17-10/18) from Matthew C

(DISCLAIMER) Well, we went 3-1 saturday and then imploded with an 0-3 sunday for a 3-4 week. I have taken drastic action. I seem to narrow down my picks and leave winners on the table while losers make the cut. this week i am picking every game i like. We are 20-22 for the year and will be in the money next week. let’s do this:

2009 NCAAF RECORD: 13-13 50%
2009 NFL RECORD: 7-9 44%
2009 OVERALL RECORD: 20-22 48%


-OHIO ST. – 13 – Purdue is terrible and I see no way they can play with Ohio St.. this is a rout.

-WAKE FOREST + 7.5 – Clemson is not ready to lay that much to a good WF team. I see a close game with WAKE possibly winning outright.

-MINNNESOTA + 18 – Minny won in happy valley not long ago. They are better than people think and have been in some close games. JOE PA has played one decent team and lost. I know everyone thinks this is where Penn State explodes. I say they will be lucky to come out with a win.

-MARSHALL + 21 – Marshall is improving this year. They are competetive. WEST VA. is not that good and can’t cover big spreads they are terrible fundamentally. I say Marshall stays close til the 4th quarter and hangs on to cover.

-TEXAS [email protected] – 5 – Of course they were overrated, but i think the Aggies are looking to beat up on someone. Kansas State fits the profile. I think the aggies roll.

-VA TECH – 3 – The hokies are a very good team who recently had a close call. They are physical. Ga. Tech is all about the run not on VA TECH’S D. the one dimensional stuff won’t work for Ga. Tech. Plus, the Hokies will run wild on a terrible yellowjacket defense. no contest here.

-COLO ST. + 23 – TCU doesn’t seem as good as touted. Cake schedule, but not convincing. CSU is spunky and playing a familiar opponent. That’s just too many points to give.

-MEMPHIS +15 – So Miss hasn’t earned the right to give anyone 15. Both teams suck, so i’ll grab the 15.

-ARKANSAS + 25 – Florida will be sore after LSU. Arkansas is a totally different team. Florida could be a little flat and this is Arkansas’s national championship game. I think they can stay within 25.


-ST LOUIS + 10 – Yup, i said it. This is the week they play competetive. Jacksonville doesn’t know if it’s coming or going. Get away to florida and let it all hang out. Jacksonville thinks you can turn it on and off whenever you want. You can’t.

-NY GIANTS + 3 – I see Shockey is mouthing off again. His team has not been tested and the Giants will do more than that. The Jets gift wrapped their loss to the Saints, but shut them down. The Giants won’t gift wrap anything. Saints get beat down.

-OAKLAND + 14.5 – Philly is overhyped and the Raiders can’t play any worse than last week. If they stay close early, they will be just fine. Philly can’t give anyone 14.5 on the road, not even to the Raiders.

-SEATTLE – 3 – Hasslebeck is back and seattle has life in a terrible division. Arizona tried to let Houston win last week, but Houston couldn’t take it. Arizona is just not even close to last year. Love Seattle.

– So there you have it. As Carl, the assistant greenskeeper in caddyshack said, right after the gopher bit him on the finger, “I guess the the kidding is pretty much over with now, isn’t it”. We cash this week and that will cash us for the year. Then, look out.

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