Football Roundup from Matthew C.(NFL and NCAA Football News and Notes October, 23, 2009)

Football Roundup from Matthew C.(NFL and NCAA Football News and Notes October, 23, 2009)

Last week, in my free picks section, I had better material than the world’s greatest comedians. That includes Rip Taylor, Buddy Hackett, Yakoff Shmirnoff and the unknown comic from the gong show (Murray Langston). Some of my zingers were:

I said Purdue couldn’t possibly stay on the field against the 13 pt favorite Ohio State team. Instead , Purdue won by 12.

I said Texas A@M, another favorite, would beat up Kansas State. KSU won by 50 pts.

I said Colorado State would keep it closer than 25 against TCU. They lost by 38 pts.

I said So Miss can’t give anyone 15 pts. guess what?? They can. To Memphis.

I said Va. Tech would beat up on Ga. Tech. Ga. Tech won outright.

I said Wake Forest had a a shot at an outright win over a favored Clemson team. They lost 38-3.

I said Minnesota could play with Penn State. If they could have kicked a field goal, they cover. They couldn’t.

I said Seattle would dominate Arizona in seattle. Arizona won 27-3.

I said the G-MEN would put a beatdown on the Saints. The Saints won by 21 pts.

I managed to squeeze out 4 wins by teams like Marshall, Arkansas, THE RAMS and THE RAIDERS. A 4-9 week with the reasoning level of a rhesus monkey. don’t worry, i’m still 24-31(-10.1 units with juice). Have faith. 1st goal is hit .500 ASAP AND THEN TAKE OFF. Look for them in a couple days.

My Jets are scary. They finally get the running game going and Sanchez looks like he never played the game. Also, our all pro nose tackle is out for the season. I think they are better than they are playing now. Sanchez and the injury on D are my main concerns. Can you comeback from a game like sanchez had??? He did the same thing in New Orleans. Should be interesting.

I think it was nice of Sherman Williams to take a break from selling paint to call the offensive plays for the Redskins. I’m sure it will make a big difference.

Somebody better teach Tomlinson of the Bolts and Bradshaw of the Giants, how to block on blitzes, before the 2 QB’S that were traded for on the same day get killed.

Denver is now making huge special teams plays. Add that to everything else and that spells trouble. Teams that win games on special teams, seem to be destined success.

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