2009 College Football Season Predictions

The 2009 College Football season begins this month and it’s time to make my official College Football predictions for the national title and Heisman Trophy. Let’s not waste any more time and cut right to the chase. The national champion is a flat out no-brainer. You can hand the hardware right now to the University of Florida and the games’s best head coach, Urban Meyer. Sorry, folks, but if you’re favorite team is not named the Gators than you have no shot at winning it all, unless a serious injury takes place to Tim Tebow. The Gators are stacked(and, no, I am not a Gator grad lol)! The Heisman Trophy will be a little more interesting, as I can see Tim Tebow(Florida), Josh Heupel(Oklahoma), or Colt McCoy(Texas) leaving New York City with the bronze trophy. Who will ultimately stake claim to this year’s Heisman? I am going with Tebow. The guy might go down as arguably the game’s biggest winner. He could very well end his career with 3 national titles and two Heisman’s. That is insane! The 2009 College Football season promises to be fun to watch and I am definitely ready for some football!

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