The Biggest Fraud in Coaching….Rick Pitino

Anyone else following the Rick Pitino drama taking place in Louisville this offseason? Well, in case you’ve missed it, Slick Rick went to the FBI to report extortion from a woman that turned out to be the wife of Pitino’s equipment manager. Apparently the FBI confirmed that the woman demanded $10 million from Pitino, including college tuition, money to pay off her cars and house, as well as $3000 a month. Poor little Ricky.

Before you thought this story could not get more bizarre, along comes new allegations and news that this woman went to the cops last month and said Pitino raped her back in 2003. For his part, Pitino admitted to the cops that he had consensual sex with this woman after getting drunk at a Louisville restaurant. Say it ain’t so Ricky? Sex with your equipment manager’s wife and you were married to boot? Oh no, friends, the story is just getting warmed up…

As if these newest allegations weren’t enough spice to throw into the already overflowing pot, along comes even more scandalous information. The woman ended up getting pregnant from their little rumble in the sack and Pitino gave her $3000 for an abortion! I’m serious, people, you simply can’t make this kind of stuff up, lol! Just when you thought Ricky’s used car salesman and slimy ways couldn’t get any worse after the way he hung the Celtics and their fans out to dry, this bleeping scumbag apparently has found a way to make himself even more of a pathethic loser.

Listen, I’m not saying Pitino raped this woman or that he deserved to have this all played out in the press. He’s not the first or the last man to cheat on his wife. However, I cannot find any pity in me to give to this guy. This guy is a flat out FRAUD and has been one for years. Not only is he one of the most OVERRATED coaches in sports(1 national title is all he’s got), but he’s also one of the biggest conmen and self promoting jerks in a coaching business that is stocked full of them. What goes around comes around Ricky. You have been using people, colleges, and players for years to get what you want with no remorse so it’s only fitting that someone else tries to use you to get what they want. Here’s a rag, wipe that egg off your face.

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