How Bookies Protect Their College Basketball Championship Profit

How Bookies Protect Their College Basketball Championship Profit

The 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament heads to its conclusion this Monday on April 2.

On Saturday, March 31, the Kansas Jayhawks battle the Villanova Wildcats before the Loyola Chicago Ramblers battle the Michigan Wolverines.

Because the two 2018 Final Four Semifinal games take place on Saturday, most pay per head agents have placed protections on their NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship profit.

Before getting into what those protections are, check out the current odds.

2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship Odds
Villanova Wildcats Even
Michigan Wolverines 5/2
Kansas Jayhawks 3/1
Loyola Chicago Ramblers 12/1

The Villanova Wildcats are a solid favorite at even money to win the 2018 Final Four Championship. Villanova has gone 4 and 0 straight up and against the spread during the NCAA Tournament.

Michigan is a solid second choice at 5/2. The Wolverines haven’t lost a game since February. They ride a 13-game win streak into their battle with Loyola Chicago on March 31.

Because of Michigan’s hot streak, many sports bettors have settled on the Wolverines to cut down the nets on Monday night.

Kansas must get past Villanova this Saturday before beating Loyola Chicago or Michigan. That’s why Kansas offers higher odds than Michigan.

Kansas might be a better team than Michigan. They face the best team in the Final Four in their semifinal game, though.

Loyola Chicago is a huge dog. It’s called the Final Four because only four teams participate in it.

To be a 12 to 1 dog when only 3 other teams have a shot to do what you’re trying to do means that you’re a big underdog.

How Bookies Will Likely React.

It’s a good idea to start with Loyola Chicago. Most online bookies have placed max betting limits on Loyola Chicago.

The reason is because most bookies feel that 12 to 1 odds in a four-team tournament are just too high.

Michigan is another team that’s most likely garnered max betting limit attention. The reason is because Michigan plays against the 12 to 1 shot in this four-team tournament.

Pay per head agents don’t have to handicap Michigan to know that they have a good shot of making it to the National Championship.

Villanova is the favorite. In a four-team tournament, bookmakers always set max betting limits on the tournament favorite.

That leaves Kansas. What will online bookie agents do with Kansas?

Most bookies will let bettors wager as much as they want on Kansas.

Kansas must beat the two other real contenders based on odds. That means Kansas’ chances of winning the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament are higher than 3 to 1.

Most bookies will allow sports bettors to wager as much as they want on the Jayhawks.

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