2018-19 English Premier League Betting Tips & Football Predictions

The 2018-2019 English Premier League football season started on August, 10th, 2018 with week 1 football action and the National Sports Advisors are geared up and ready to make our clients a hefty profit with our expert Premier League football tips and predictions all season long. The English Premier League(aka EPL) is the top professional football league in England and it is the most watched football league in the entire world. While our American clients and NSAwins.com readers from the states love to bet and watch the NFL, there is no question that our international clients and readers absolutely eat, sleep and breathe English Premier League football betting every year. If you need a top bookmaker to bet on EPL football, check out our recommended betting sites for betting on English Premier League fixtures.

The 2018-2019 Premier League football season promises to be our best ever for accurate EPL football betting tips and EPL football predictions against the spread on weekly matches in addition to our expert 2018-19 Premier League predictions on futures markets betting during the season such as forecasting the EPL outright Champion, teams that will and won’t be relegated, teams to finish in top and bottom half of league, top team in London, top Midlands club, top North West club, top Southern Club and much more. Our England Premier League football betting tips and predictions service offers our best bets on weekly football matches including score predictions, goal over/under picks and outright winners based on a star rating. We make all our tips using the English Premier League betting odds from our top recommended international sportsbook, Bovada sportsbook.

The way our English Premier League betting tips service works is we post our weekly EPL match betting predictions every Friday for all games scheduled that week on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Of course, we also will have tips included for any games scheduled on other days during the week. Our English Premier League betting predictions and tips are made by a group of 5 English Premier League expert tipsters and accomplished punters(aka English bettors). We have signed these highly qualified Premier League tipsters/punters to contracts to exclusively provide us with their expert tips and bets on the teams that they specialize in making money on. The Premier League consists of only 20 England football clubs but we have found over time that it is much better to have a handful of expert tipsters providing us with info on the small handful of teams that they do best predicting and betting on than it is to have one tipster that tries to handicap the entire league on a weekly basis.

Below you will find our 2018-2019 England Premier League betting tips season package. The season package gets you all of our Premier League tips for the complete season for only $1000. This gives us the opportunity to really prove we can win long-term for you and boost your bankroll to the next level!

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COMPLETE 2018-19 SEASON PACKAGE: All of our English Premier League Tips from NSAwins.com’s Expert EPL Tipsters thru the ENTIRE SEASON! You get predictions on winner, goals over/under and final score predictions on ALL games scheduled in English Premier League starting this week and carrying thru WEEK 38. Price: $1000

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