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Tag Archive | "2011 NFL Power Poll"

NFL Power Rankings – Week 13, 2011 NFL Power Ratings

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings


1.Packers 11-0  Every team is beatable…having said that, who is going to beat this team? 

2.Ravens 8-3 This team is a tough out, but they better hope for the good Flacco come playoff time.

3.Saints 8-3 I’d pay money to see them against GB in the NFC title game.

4.Steelers 8-3 They aren’t always pretty, but they get the job done.

5.Niners 9-2 Got a little exposed on Thanksgiving if you ask me.

6.Patriots 8-3 Look, when VY lights up your defense, you still have issues.  If DeSean Jackson took out his tampon and caught those two TD’s, it might have been a different outcome.

7.Bears 7-4 All is right with the world Bear fans, Cutler just got re-engaged…

8.Bengals 7-4 You want respect?  Beat Pittsburgh or Baltimore, then we’ll talk.

9.Texans 8-3 You Texan fans are screwed….Jake Delhomme??? LOL…

10.Falcons 7-4 At least they win the games they’re supposed to…

11.Raiders 7-4 Can smell the breath of Tebow on their necks….

12.Lions 7-4 Just like most GM products, as soon as the warranty runs out the car falls apart.

13.Jets 6-5 If only Rex would use a lapband on his mouth…


14.Cowboys 6-5 This team might win the division by default!

15.Giants 6-5 Brandon Jacobs….shut up you!  wanted the ball and once you got it, you danced like Lawrence Maroney back there…

16.Titans 6-5 Don’t sleep on this team for their division…

17.Broncos 6-5 As Herm the Worm said…”You play to WIN the game!”

18.Eagles 4-7  The Eagles have landed, the Eagles have landed!  …..Crash landed that is….

19.Dolphins 3-8 Can you get a QB that can catch the snap??? Jesus…

20.Chargers 4-7 That performance was rougher than Norv’s complexion…

21.Bucs 4-7 One of the more disappointing teams this year…

22.Chiefs 4-7 Play Orton already….can’t be any worse than the stiff that’s playing now…

23.Bills 5-6 That Stevie Johnson is a tool’s tool….


24.Browns 4-7 What will  Brown do for you??  Apparently, not too friggen much!

25.Redskins 4-7 No truth to the rumor that the CIA made prisoners watch the Redskin/Seahawk game in lieu of waterboarding… I’d be begging for the water…

26.Seahawks 3-8 Pete Carrol was “so friggen Jacked” after that game….he’ll never learn, this guy….

27.Cardinals 4-7 Somebody please dig a hole in the desert and bury this team…

28.Panthers 3-8  Got a rare road win…of course it was against a team of quitters but nonetheless….

29.Jags 3-8 They put permanent tarps over 30% of the seats and still can’t sell the place out….Hello?  Los Angeles on line 1!!!

30.Vikings 2-9 Got their U-hauls already loaded….

31.Rams 2-9 This Spags guy is proving himself another Norv, good coordinator but not top banana material.

32.Colts 0-12 Yeah, lets blame the D-coordinator and fire his ass….Nobody is fooled, Polian….

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 12, 2011 NFL Power Ratings

Week 12 NFL Power Rankings



1.Packers 10-0 Now the media attention will intensify with the undefeated season talk….

2.Niners 9-1 Jim Harbaugh is whining about traveling to Baltimore for Thursday’s game….bad move…he’s giving his players an excuse for losing.

3.Ravens 7-3 The battle of the Harbaughs…nice thing is since I don’t care for either one, I’ll be happy no matter what the outcome.

4.Steelers 7-3 The team the commish loves to hate on….

5.Saints 7-3 I still say this team will give the Pack their biggest hurdle to get back to the superbowl.

6.Patriots 7-3 They still own their division, but their defense is still the weakest of all the contenders.

7.Bears 7-3 Cutler will either solidify his job in Chicago or will be Wally Pipped by this Hanie guy….

8.Giants 6-4 What’s the deal with these guys?  Look great one week, shitty the next.

9.Texans 7-3 Last chance for you Leinart….

10.Lions 7-3 Beating up on the Carolina Pussies is one thing, the red-hot Packers are another thing entirely….

11.Bengals 6-4 If you want to be the man, you gotta beat the man….

12.Falcons 6-4 Still in hunt for the division, but most likely a borderline wildcard team.

13.Cowboys 6-4 Don’t let Leon Lett in the stadium Thursday!!!


14.Raiders 6-4 No excuse for not winning this division this year!

15.Jets 5-5 Sanchez is a spanish word for picksix…

16.Eagles 4-6 Some weeks they are the ship of fools, other weeks the ship of tools…

17.Broncos 5-5 Tim Tebow walks on water!!!  he better, cause he sure can’t throw over it…

18.Titans 5-5 Will Chris Johnson give any of his money back…he should!

19.Dolphins 3-7 Break up the Dolphins!!!! 

20.Chargers 4-6 Time for the proverbial enema out in San Diego….

21.Bucs 4-6 Not sneaking up on anyone this year.


22.Chiefs 4-6 For all those Cassel bashers…I give you Tyler Palko…

23.Browns 4-6 Is there a duller team in the NFL ??

24.Bills 5-5 Thanks for coming, we have some nice parting gifts for you…

25.Seahawks 4-6 On pace to have a better record than last years playoff team!!! 

26.Jags 3-7 Alabama and LSU are better than this team.

27.Cards 3-7 “No woman, no cry”…..’No Quarterback, no wins”….

28.Redskins 3-7 Why does Shanahan always look constipated on the sideline?

29.Rams 2-8 How do you beat New Orleans but can’t beat anyone else?

30.Vikings 2-8 A coach over his head, a rookie QB, a clueless owner…is it any wonder they’re 2-8?

31.Panthers 2-8 They have weapons on offense, but the defense is horrendous and the special teams aren’t very special…

32.Colts 0-10 Polian isn’t very smart without Peyton, now is he???  What rules will you get changed now?  No backup QB’s for anyone?

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 11, 2011 NFL Power Ratings

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings



1.Packers 9-0 Barring injuries, its looking like they can win back to back titles.

2.Niners 8-1 Quite the resurgence for one of the league’s storied franchises…

3.Ravens 6-3 What’s with the egg-laying after their Pittsburgh games?  Twice now…

4.Steelers 7-3 Showed Cincy they have 2 teams to climb over in that division.

5.Giants 6-3 A tough schedule coming up, we’ll see what they’re made of.

6.Saints 7-3 Christmas came early for these guys…should send Mike Smith a thank-you card.

7.Patriots 6-3 Won’t be winning any Lombardi’s this year, but showed they still own that division.  Order was restored.

8.Bears 6-3 A solid Wildcard contender…


9.Texans 7-3 This ranking is more what they were. Schaub’s injury makes them a .500 team at best.

10.Lions 6-3 A team of PUNKS…. now getting exposed.

11.Bengals 6-3 Playing the iron of the division won’t help their Wildcard bid.

12.Jets 5-4 Something happened on the way to their coronation….they wet their pants in primetime.

13.Falcons 5-4 I don’t have problems with 4th down gambles usually, but that was downright stupid….

14.Titans 5-4 Quietly having a good year and now right back in the division race with Stump the Schwab going down for the season.

15.Cowboys 5-4 Can these guys be trusted in a big game?

16.Raiders 5-4 May have turned their season around in SD.

17.Broncos 4-5 If God loves Tebow so much, why didn’t he give him an arm?

18.Chargers 4-5 Time’s up Norv…..

19.Chiefs 4-5 Their little run to get back into the race is now over with Cassel out for the year…

20.Bucs 4-5 This team is regressing…

21.Bills 5-4 The clock struck midnight for this cinderella team…


22.Jags 3-6 We beat the Colts, we beat the Colts….oh yeah……so does everyone.

23.Cards 3-6 Ordinarily a good record in this division..until this year.

24.Eagles 3-6 My dogs are howling louder and louder these days!!

25.Seahawks 3-6 Served the Ravens some humble pie before Thanksgiving.

26.Dolphins 2-7 Making their move!!!

27.Rams 2-7 The rally squirrel must’ve snapped that FG attempt.

28.Browns 3-6 Can they play a game over 20 pts???

29.Redskins 3-6 Shanahan is proving you only get one franchise QB in a coaching career…

30.Panthers 2-7 Cam’s an upgrade over Clausen, but seems like the same team as last year to me…

31.Vikings 2-7 Where’s the bald guy when you need him?

32.Colts 0-10  A lock for Luck…..

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 10, 2011 NFL Power Ratings

Week 10 NFL Power Rankings



1.Packers 8-0 The only question besides who is going to beat them for the title, is will they lose a game?

2.Ravens 6-2 If they don’t get to the superbowl this year, they have no excuses…

3.Niners 7-1 Can this team really be this good?  Time will tell….

4.Giants 6-2 Looking like the class of the NFC East….all others are imploding.

5.Steelers 6-3 Basically ruined their win against NE with that last min loss to Baltimore.

6.Saints 6-3 Need to be better on the road…and a big test in Atlanta this week..

7.Lions 6-2 Surprise team of the first half, but its not how you start, its how you finish….

8.Jets 5-3 After waxing NE this week, they’ll be in the driver’s seat in the AFC East.

9.Texans 6-3 If they don’t win the division this year, they NEVER will..

10.Bears 5-3 I’m not a big fan of Cutler or Lovie, but I’ll give them their due this year so far…

11.Falcons 5-3 Crucial game vs New Orleans this week…must game if they want to win division.


12.Bills 5-3 Were dominated by NY in Buffalo….not good…

13.Bengals 6-2 The JV games are done, now Pittsburgh comes to town Sunday.

14.Patriots 5-3 Everything Belichick touches these days turns to shit….

15.Eagles 3-5 Tough times in Pennsylvania these days, no?

16.Tampa 4-4 New Orleans one week, Houston coming to town this week…no rest for the DB’s….

17.Titans 4-4 How has this team won 4 games, I ask you?

18.Chiefs 4-4 Even with that hideous loss to Miami, these guys are still in the thick of the divisional race.

19.Chargers 4-4 What the hell has happened to Philip Rivers??

20.Cowboys 4-4 The poster boys for underachievers plays an overachieving Bills team this week….who ya got?

21.Browns 3-5 Is this Peyton Hillis a tool or what??

22.Jaguars 2-6 I wouldn’t have believed they beat Baltimore if I didn’t watch the game myself…


23.Broncos 3-5 Say what you want about Tebow, he gives them the best chance to win…. If Elway doesn’t like him, bring in somebody better.

24.Raiders 4-4 Two brutal home losses in a row…now they go on the road to SD.. lose there and you can say good night to your Oakland Raiders.

25.Vikings 2-6 The best thing about a bye for this team is at least they didn’t lose last week.

26.Panthers 2-6 Enough of the Cam Newton ball-washing, win some games Son….

27.Cardinals 2-6 Screwed up their Suck for Luck campaign with that OT win last week…didn’t the punt returner get the memo?

28.Redskins 3-5 No QB=No Wins

29.Seahawks 2-6 This team will go on probation if Pete Carroll keeps this up…

30.Dolphins 1-7 Another team in need of an organizational enema…

31.Rams 1-7 One week of glory, then right back in the toilet you go…

32.Colts 0-9 Polian is calling beat-writers Rats now for stating the obvious???  This guy is one piece of work, isn’t he?

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 9, 2011

Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

Through the halfway point of the season all teams have issues…some more than others and while I’m not sure who will win it all, one thing is clear….it won’t be the New England Patriots….  not with that putrid defense…



1.Packers 7-0  I wouldnt say they’re unbeatable, but they have more answers than anyone else so far.

2.Steelers 6-2  They finally got tired of being Tom Brady’s bitch….

3.Niners 6-1 When will the balloon pop on this cinderella season?

4.Ravens 5-2  Not exactly hitting on all cylinders but their defense gives them a chance.

5.Bills 5-2  HUGE game this week for respectability and will determine if they are contenders or pretenders…

6.Eagles 3-4  The Dream Team has awakened from the early season nightmare.

7.Saints 5-3  Don’t look now, but this team is W-E-A-K on the road.


8.Patriots 5-2 Even the great Tom Brady can’t mask the stench of this defense.

9.Giants 5-2 I don’t how this team wins, I really don’t.

10.Lions 6-2  The QB-less Bronco’s was just what the doctor ordered.

11.Texans 5-3 This should be their division to lose at this point.

12.Jets 4-3 Big AFC East battle this week, winner has inside track to playoffs.

13.Bears 4-3 Enjoyed the Mike Dikta “Football Life” documentary.

14.Falcons 4-3 Still in the hunt for the division, but need to be more consistent.

15.Bengals 5-2 Good start, but still have 4 games against Pittsburgh and Baltimore coming up.

16.Chiefs 4-3 Nice turnaround to get back in the race, have beaten both rivals in last 2 weeks…

17.Bucs 4-3 Another NFC South team that needs to string some wins together.

18.Chargers 4-3 That loss at KC was rougher than Norv’s face….

19.Raiders 4-3 Palmer should have no excuses this week….put up or shut up.

20.Cowboys 3-4 If I hear one more pundit claim how good this team is, I’m going to puke!

21.Titans 4-3 Some serious smoke and mirrors in Nashville….


22.Jaguars 2-6 Way to follow up the big win on Monday fellas…..

23.Browns 3-4 I’m beginning to think Cleveland fans truly are cursed…

24.Vikings 2-6  This Ponder guy looks better in NFL than in college..

25.Panthers 2-6 Newton is better than expected, but still finding ways to lose.

26.Redskins 3-4 The bloom is officially off the rose in DC.

27.Rams 1-6 The rally-squirrel moved across city from the baseball stadium to the football stadium…

28.Seahawks 2-5 The same old Sea-chickens….different year, same team.

29.Cardinals 1-6 Couldn’t close the deal in Baltimore….but did anyone think they’d hang on in the 2nd half?

30.Broncos 2-5 Tebow is not an NFL QB, but John Fox has never really seen a true NFL calibre QB in his coaching career….maybe that’s why they hired him.

31.Dolphins 0-7 Sparano is an italian word for “dead man walking

32.Colts 0-8 Why don’t they just forfeit all remaining games and save on travel expenses???

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 8, 2011

Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

Wow, what an ugly week of football in week 7!!  Lousy matchups, ineptitude, eggs laid….whew…let’s hope we get back to better action this week.



1.Packers 7-0 I’m starting to think they are just toying with opponents then turn it on when needed.

2.Patriots 5-1 Was their defensive effort against Dallas a fluke or sign of improvement?

3.Saints 5-2 Put up 62 on some tackling dummies Sunday but it’s not their fault Indy quit.

4.Niners 5-1 Have they already clinched the NFC West??

5.Steelers 5-2 Quietly getting it done, big test this week against Brady and the boys…

6.Ravens 4-2 Even the most diehard Raven fan had to realize last night that they are winning nothing with Flacco as QB.

7.Giants 4-2 Which team will show up this week?  Good Giants or Bad Giants?

8.Bills 4-2 Usually, when the leaves start falling so do the Bills in the standings, can they make it until snow starts falling?

9.Lions 5-2 Suh is a punk, okay?  I can’t wait to watch this team implode…

10.Cowboys 3-3 Can put the Dream Team in the rear view mirror this week, do they have what it takes?

11.Texans 4-3 Didn’t think they had it in them to paste someone on the road.

12.Jets 4-3 That was more like the Jets we’ve seen the last 2 years…but are they good enough?


13.Bears 4-3 Forte is a beast… pay that man his money!!!

14.Falcons 4-3 I can’t figure out this team, can you?

15.Bucs 4-3 Gotta stop the run if you want to contend….

16.Chargers 4-2 Good comeback by Norv in the coaching war of words, but a better comeback by the Jets…or did SD gag?

17.Raiders 4-3 Lost 28-0 at home to KC….Really Oakland, Really?????? Way to lay the proverbial egg…

18.Eagles 2-4 If they can beat Dallas Sunday, and that’s a big if, they climb right back in the divisional race.

19.Bengals 4-2 It’s not often the Bengals are smarter than another team, but they absolutely FLEECED Oakland in the Palmer deal….

20.Panthers 2-5 This team will be a tough out the rest of the year…

21.Chiefs 3-3 Don’t look now but KC can be in a tie for the division lead with a win at SD this week.

22.Browns 3-3  Masters of the ugly wins….I’d rather wax my ass hair than watch one of their games….

23.Jaguars 2-5 I don’t know how they did it, but last night’s win made this author happy….

24.Redskins 3-3 So much for the fast start….the smoke has cleared and the mirrors are broken….

25.Titans 3-3 And to think Chris Johnson wanted to be paid…like what, a bum?


26.Broncos 2-4 Now with Tebow starting, they ought to bring in Urban Meyer….

27.Vikings 1-6 All this team managed to do Sunday vs the Packers is screw up my cover….

28.Seahawks 2-4 Another enigma….beat the G-men but can’t score against the Brownies???

29.Cardinals 1-5 Turns out it was Kurt Warner and little else out in the desert.

30.Dolphins 0-6 Once a glamour franchise, now a national joke…

31.Rams 0-6 The magic touch of Josh McDaniels has doomed another team…

32.Colts 0-7  QUITTING with the best of them….has their coach spoken yet??  I used to think Raymond Berry was a deer-in-the-headlights on the sidelines…this guy takes the cake….

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 7, 2011 NFL Power Ratings

Week 7 NFL Power Rankings



1.Packers 6-0  The class of the league thus far, hands down.

2.Ravens 4-1  The best defense in the league…  but a mediocre QB..

3.Patriots 5-1  They have Tom Brady….enough said.

4.Saints 4-2  The NFC version of New England, great offense….lousy defense.

5.Niners 5-1  Harbaugh is a smug little bastard, I now have another team to root against.

6.Lions 5-1  Schwartz shoulda knocked his ass out….

7.Chargers 4-1  Can they beat Oakland this year??

8.Steelers 4-2  Something just ain’t right with this team….

9.Raiders 4-2  Palmer is best available QB, but they overpaid.

10.Giants 4-2 The league’s Jekyll & Hyde team…never know which team you will get week to week.

11.Bills 4-2  Can they stay in the playoff hunt all year??  I mean, are you scared of this team? 

12.Bucs 4-2  Big divisional win against NO which got rid of the stench that was the SF game.

13.Cowboys 2-3  This team should and will be contending for the division title.

14.Eagles 2-4  Don’t look now but Fat Andy and the Dreamers are climbing back into the race.


15.Texans 3-3  Enough of this underachieving over-hyped squad…same old Houston, period.  Can’t get it done.

16.Redskins 3-2  Shanahan is the perfect coach for this franchise….his face is as red as their helmets….coach Red Skin…

17.Jets 3-3  Without Revis, this team wouldn’t win 6 games, okay??  

18.Titans 3-2  Remember the Titans??  I barely do….

19.Bengals 4-2 I’m not sold on these guys yet…. but a good fleecing of Oakland for a washed-up Palmer who wasn’t part of their squad…

20.Bears 3-3 Even less sold on Chicken Cutlet and these guys…. 

21.Falcons 3-3 This team has regressed….not that they were all that good to begin with, but just sayin…

22.Seahawks 2-3  As Pete Carroll once said to Jim Harbaugh…”what’s your deal?”  …Uh….we suck?

23.Browns 2-3  The Browns got lost in the Black Hole.

24.Chiefs 2-3  Matt Cassel….we hardly knew ya….


25.Vikings 1-5 The Bald Guy must be laughing his ass off somewhere….

26.Panthers 1-5 Enough flash and dancing there Newton…time to win some games…

27.Jags 1-5 The future is never in Jacksonville…

28.Broncos 1-4  Can’t score points, so they trade away their WR’s??  Who is running this team????

29.Cards 1-4  If you can’t win in this division, you can’t win in any of them.

30.Dolphins 0-5 At this point, the Fish would have a better chance bringing back the ringless wonder, Dan Marino….

31.Rams 0-5  Who woulda thought the football season would be over in St. Louis before the baseball season?

32.Colts 0-6 These non-Peyton Manning players ought to wear a mask to collect their paychecks…pitiful.

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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings – NFL Power Ratings after Week 5 NFL 2011

NFL Power Rankings after Week 5

After 5 weeks there are only 2 unbeaten teams and since they play in the same division, it will be only 1 shortly…  and there are 3 teams still looking for their 1st win.  Of course, winning will be losing if they want to land Luck…




1.Packers 5-0  The NFL’s best all around team so far, haven’t seen anyone better.

2.Saints 4-1  Still the class of the NFC South..

3.Ravens 3-1  The league’s best defense in my mind..

4.Lions 5-0  What a D-Line this team has…

5.Patriots 4-1  Lack of pass rush will doom this team eventually..

6.Bills 4-1  Nice job by Chan Gailey with this team…up for coach of year along with Jim Harbaugh..

7.Chargers 4-1  Playing with house money, would’ve been 1-4 in previous years.

8.Redskins 3-1  Suddenly, they look like the class of their division.

9.Steelers 3-2  A vintage Steeler victory vs. Tennessee…can they build on it?

10.Niners 4-1  I know I didn’t expect this start…is Harbaugh this good or was Singletary that much over his head?


11.Texans 3-2  This team has perfected the hideous last-minute loss.

12.Raiders 3-2  I happen to think this team will thrive without Al Davis keeping them in the 1980’s…

13.Titans 3-2  No shame in losing at Pittsburgh, but I think there were some smoke and mirrors in their start, eh?

14.Giants 3-2  The stench from the Seattle game will linger like a stale fart…this team has more turnovers than a NYC bakery…

15.Jets 2-3  Is this the beginning of the end for Rex Ryan’s schtick?  It works when you are an underdog but when expectations are high, not so much..

16.Bucs 3-2  Really Tampa? Really???  48-3? 

17.Cowboys 2-2  With a trip to NE this week to face that weak-sister defense, Romo should be licking his lips….

18.Bengals 3-2  A nice respectable year so far..even if no one outside Ohio has seen them play.

19.Bears 2-3  Now you know why Belichick got rid of Brandon Merriweather… who would’ve thought Chicago’s weak link would be their defense?

20.Falcons 2-3  Repeat after me….Matt Ryan is not an elite QB…  way to come up small in the second half, big guy….

21.Seahawks 2-3  Score one for the JV squad!!

22.Browns 2-2  What will Brown do for you??  Not much….


23.Vikings 1-4  How does a team with this talent struggle??

24.Chiefs 2-3  You can’t stop the Chefs, you can only hope to contain them..

25.Eagles 1-4  What a mess in the City of Brotherly Hate…from the Phillies to the soap opera that is the Eagles…

26.Panthers 1-4  Fun to watch but still doing enough things to lose each week.

27.Jaguars 1-4  Call the movers, Del Rio….

28.Broncos 1-4  Here we go, Tebow… we go!!

29.Cardinals 1-4  We got Kolb-ed out of a winning season!!

30.Dolphins 0-4  As clueless a franchise as there is these days…

31.Rams 0-4  With the Cardinals in the NLCS, does the city know the Rams haven’t won a game yet?

32.Colts 0-5  We always thought Indy was Peyton and not much else…now it’s confirmed.

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NFL Power Rankings After Week 4, 2011 – Packers, Saints and Ravens Top Week 5 Ratings

NFL Power Rankings after Week 4

Four weeks have been played now and we’re starting to see what each team’s strengths and weaknesses are.  And trust me, each team has issues….some more than others; there is no dominant team that is a prohibitive favorite.  Some of the top offensive teams like New England, New Orleans & Green Bay have trouble stopping people.  The good defensive squads like Baltimore, Pittsburgh and the Jets have trouble scoring at times…  Then you have the upstarts like the Lions and Bills and whether they can play a whole season with the big boys…  and then there are enigmas like the Dream Team and the Cowgirls….good stuff!  That’s why we love the NFL….

Rank/Team/W-L/Last Week


1.Packers 4-0 (1) Humming along but the defense isn’t as good as last year.

2.Saints 3-1 (2) Why won’t this franchise pay Drew Brees? 

3.Ravens 3-1 (3) Not a fan of their antics and big mouths, but this defense can play for me anyday….

4.Lions 4-0 (6) Can’t wait until the first Lions/Packers game…never thought I’d be saying that.

5.Texans 3-1 (5) Was it a good Texans performance or a poor Steeler one?

6.Patriots 3-1 (9) They’d better put up 30 each week if they want to win with that defense, which I claim is the worst in the league and in franchise history.

7.Giants 3-1 (10) Say what you want about Coughlin, the man is one of the better coaches in this league year in and year out…

8.Redskins 3-1 (16) Looking much better in year 2 of the Shanahan regime.

9.Chargers 3-1 (15) Usually start out each year rougher than Norv’s complexion but not this year!

10.Bills 3-1 (7) Are these guys for real or just bullies at home?

11.Steelers 2-2 (4) Call it the Superbowl loser jinx if you want, but they ain’t looking too good….

12.Bucs 3-1 (14) Don’t sleep on this team…all they do is win.

13.Jets 2-2 (8) Maybe, just maybe all the bragging and lack of respect for any opponents is finally catching up to these guys….


14.Titans 3-1 (20) I’d have to say Porn Stache really was the problem in Nashville…

15.Raiders 2-2 (13) They have a lot of pieces in place in Oakland; unfortunately quarterback isn’t one of them.

16.Niners 3-1 (19) I’ll have to give Harbaugh his due; this is a different Niner team this year…

17.Falcons 2-2 (18) These guys pissed me off Sunday by blowing a perfectly good cover….  I’m just not impressed with this bunch….

18.Cowboys 2-2 (12) Romo just can’t stand prosperity….just had to channel his inner Bledsoe in the 2nd half….

19.Bears 2-2 (17) If this team just had a QB and a coach and some receivers they might just be dangerous.

20.Bengals 2-2 (26) Carson Palmer who?  Ocho Stinko who?

21.Browns 2-2 (22) These guys were more competitive under Mangina.


22.Eagles 1-3 (11) The Dream Team’s nightmare season continues…couldn’t happen to a more deserving fanbase….the insufferable tools that they are….

23.Panthers 1-3 (21) Any coach that kicks to Devin Hester not only deserves to lose, they should have their head coach license revoked….

24.Jaguars 1-3 (24) The No Hope franchise….

25.Broncos 1-3 (23) Does anyone remember when this franchise used to be good?

26.Seahawks 1-3 (27) This team ought to move to the CFL….

27.Cardinals 1-3 (25) Not looking like Kolb is the answer, does it?

28.Chiefs 1-3 (32) Screwed themselves in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes…

29.Dolphins 0-4 (28) They suck, but their head coach still thinks he’s a badass.

30.Rams 0-4 (29) Boy wonder McDaniels sure is improving this offense…

31.Colts 0-4 (30) Way to have the backup ready, Polian….

32.Vikings 0-4 (31) Wow, when you lose to the #32 ranked team, you’ve earned this spot.

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NFL Power Rankings – Week 3, 2011: Packers, Saints and Ravens Top the Ratings List

NFL Power Rankings after Week 3

Rank/Team/W-L/Last Wk


1.Packers 3-0 (1) Looking like the defending champs should…

2.Saints 2-1 (4) This team will be tough to beat, especially at home.

3.Ravens 2-1 (5) This week’s game vs. Fat Rex will tell us who the Ravens really are this year.

4.Steelers 2-1 (6) I’m not writing this team’s obituary like many are…the cream rises my friends…

5.Texans 2-1 (10) Is this finally the year?  I’ve got my doubts…

6.Lions 3-0 (8) I want to see how this team handles the hype and being favored in games.  Some teams are great as hunters, but less so as the hunted.

7.Bills 3-0 (14) Something special going on up there…  could be in it all year.

8.Jets 2-1 (2) Uh Oh….  is there a chink in the armor??  Lose to the Ravens and Joe Namath will say they are Strugggg Ull Linggggg..

9.Patriots 2-1 (3) No Pass Rush = No Defense = No Rings

10.Giants 2-1 (16) Huge win down in Philly…had to taste very good…

11.Eagles 1-2 (7) The Dream Team loaded up on CB’s but forgot offensive lineman… my dogs Corky & Mulligan howled everytime Vick got hit…

12.Cowboys (13) Another character win on Monday… but how do the backup WR’s not know the plays?  What are they doing in training camp??  That’s bad coaching, I’m sorry.


13.Raiders 2-1 (18) Beat NE this week (which is VERY do-able) and this franchise will be back on the map.

14.Bucs 2-1 (17)  You could do a lot worse than having Morris & Freeman as coach and QB in this league….

15.Chargers 2-1 (12) Can’t figure this team out but at least they aren’t under .500 at this stage like every other year.

16.Redskins 2-1 (15) The game in Dallas is how the Skins will have to play, they won’t win many shootouts…

17.Bears 1-2 (11) What have I been telling you?  This team is not well coached and Cutlet keeps both teams in every game.

18.Falcons 1-2 (9) Same old Falcons, world beaters at home, can’t win on the road.

19.Niners 2-1 (22) Hell, anybody could be an improvement over Singletary…even a rah rah college guy.

20.Titans 2-1 (20) Just a matter of time before the wheels come off this wagon.

21.Panthers 1-2 (26) Cam’s worst game, but best result…

22.Browns 2-1 (30) Can beat the other also-rans….big deal.


23.Broncos 1-2 (25) John Fox Ball = who needs sleeping pills?

24.Jags 1-2 (21) another example of having no QB means you have no shot.

25.Cardinals 1-2 (19) Could easily be 3-0 OR 0-3….will the real Cardinals please enter and sign in please…

26.Bengals 1-2 (29) Nice home opener for the fans….in this age of offense they put up 8 points against a mediocre SF squad…  zzzzzzzzzzz

27.Seahawks 1-2 (31) Might be competitive at home, but might not win a game on the road either.

28.Dolphins 0-3 (24) Hey Sparano, get those “For Sale” signs up on your house if you haven’t already…

29.Rams 0-3 (23) This team is a long way off…

30.Colts 0-3 (28) The official Suck for Luck campaign has kicked off in Indy.

31.Vikings 0-3 (27) It’s one thing to lose your first 3 games, but its TORTURE for your fans when you GAG all 3 away after holding leads….  I’d rather get blown out than lose that way…

32.Chiefs 0-3 (32) Great plan down there Pioli…..hope your contract was guaranteed.

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