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Free Football Picks for Saturday and Sunday from Matthew C.

Free Football Picks from matthew c. These picks aren’t associated with in any way.
Well, these picks feel good, but so have all my losers. We stand at 34-44 for the year. Let’s chip away.

SYRACUSE + 21 – not buying pitt. the cuse plays them tough on the road. too many points.

NORTHWESTERN + 16 – iowa is playing with fire and i don’t see giving 16 to an improving NW team. take the points

TEXAS A&M – 3 – after their meltdown at kstate, A&M has played very well. i’m ok giving 3 to colorado.

DUKE +10 – north carolina is being overhyped. they struggle to score. i’ll take an improved duke team who will be looked past.

PENN ST – 5 – prior is terrible and penn st will take the run off the board. penn st can either play smashmouth or air it out. lions roll.

UNDER 60.5/OREG ST & CAL – don’t believe in the concinctensy on either offenses. big letdown on O and more D equals UNDER.

OKLAHOMA – 4 – look for sooners to roll. they are playing well and the road doesn’t bother them. lay the small #.

USC – 10 – look for trojans to bounce back from oregon loss. they love the road and ariz st doesn’t scare me.


JACKSONVILLE – 6 – the titans were on a mission last week, so don’t worry about that. KC represents a chance for a desperatley needed win. lay the pts.

HOUSTON + 9 – someone has to beat indy and i think houston can stay close.

TENN + 4 – titans mission will roll on. look for outright win.

ARIZONA – they are due to play well and chicago isn’t that good. i smell another dog win.

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Free College Football and NFL Picks for Saturday and Sunday(10/31-11/1 2009) from Matthew C


2009 NCAAF RECORD: 17-22
2009 NFL RECORD: 11-14-1
2009 OVERALL RECORD: 28-36-1

-UCONN – 7 – Emotional Uconn team playing Terrible rutgers team. Uconn played well in last week’s loss. Lay the pts

-MIAMI – 6.5 – Miami should be fired up after Clemson loss. WF is playing terrible. Lay the chalk.

-TEXAS A&M – 6 – Aggies back on track after big win last week. I’ll take em at home over lowly Iowa St.

-TULSA – 15 – Like tulsa to win big at home. Playing better and should be able hold SMU to reasonable total.

-UCLA + 10 – Oregon st. not that great. I like UCLA in this conference game with OSU crashing to earth.

-MICHIGAN – 7 – Big game for mich and rodriugez as they look for answers. Pathetic Illinois shouldn’t put up much of a fight.

-PENN ST. -17 – NW is getting too much respect. look for penn st. to put a hurt on them.

-SOUTH CAR + 6 – Tennessee isn’t going to play 2 good games in a row. SC is tough opponent. Love the points.

-LOUISVILLE – 2.5 – Cardinals suck this year. Ark st. will be nervous playing in big east. I think a field goal is a reasonable cover.


-HOUSTON – 3 – I’ll torture myself with these clowns again. Don’t see Bills winning 3 in a row.

-DENVER +3.5 – A better team getting pts. Baltimore not very impressive. Go broncs.

-CAROLINA + 10.5 – Arizona cannot play 2 good games in a row. The Giants aren’t that good anyway. It’s do or die for Carolina and is on national TV.

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Free College Football and NFL Picks for Saturday and Sunday(10/24-10/25) from Matthew C


Remember, these are my picks and not affiliated with My last article addressed my 4-9 debacle last week. Read it. We are 24-31 for the year and there is alot of football to play. I will get back to even and will proceed to make profits. -10.1 units for the year is not insurmountable.

2009 NCAAF: 15-20 43%
2009 NFL: 9-11 45%
2009 OVERALL: 24-31 44%

– MARSHALL – 7 – Playing well this year. covered against West Va last week on the road. Have a good chance for home win against UAB.

-VANDY + 13.5 – Not playing bad. South Carolina still not convincing to me. These are 2 familiar teams and a conference game. I like 13.5 pts here.

-IDAHO + 16 – Idaho is having a successful year. Nevada started slow and is heating up. I see a much closer game. getting into time of year where just getting a win is the goal for these teams. I like the points.

-BYU + 2.5 – Sorry TCU. I’ll take BYU as a home dog any day. This is BYU’S game of the year. I see a crazy crowd and a BYU upset on the horizon.

-CINCY – PK – Sorry Chicago, Cincy isn’t ready to crumble just yet. Probably later this year. I feel after last week, they will come out and take care of biz against Chicago at home.

-CLEVELAND + 9.5 – This pains me. I think Cleveland can hang with GB. Cleveland has a decent D, and GB’s D is not overwhelming. I just see a horrible close game.

-MINNESOTA + 6 – This one pains me as well Pittsburgh is winning, but not very impressively. As much as I hate Minny, things are going their way. Once again, I just think this will be a war, and 6 is too many. Who is Fran Tarkenton rooting for?

-TB + 15 – This is Tampa Bay’s suberbowl. Out of country against one of the best ever. I think the unfamliar field and routines will hinder NE. They are playing well, but they didn’t play a team last week. The Bucs stink, but don’t give up. Tally ho, chap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-HOUSTON – 3 – I’ll try these jokers one more time. They rallied and gave away the Arizona game. they came back and won last week. SF isn’t looking too good. I think 3pts at home is a great deal.

-BUFFALO + 7 – Carolina giving 7 with steve smith out of things? Huh? Buffalo manned up last week. They didn’t play great, but they never quit. I’m not falling for this BS line. Buffalo will keep it close.

So let’s rock this week. Let’s get even 1st, then shock everyone. I’ll get it done.

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Football Roundup from Matthew C.(NFL and NCAA Football News and Notes October, 23, 2009)

Football Roundup from Matthew C.(NFL and NCAA Football News and Notes October, 23, 2009)

Last week, in my free picks section, I had better material than the world’s greatest comedians. That includes Rip Taylor, Buddy Hackett, Yakoff Shmirnoff and the unknown comic from the gong show (Murray Langston). Some of my zingers were:

I said Purdue couldn’t possibly stay on the field against the 13 pt favorite Ohio State team. Instead , Purdue won by 12.

I said Texas A@M, another favorite, would beat up Kansas State. KSU won by 50 pts.

I said Colorado State would keep it closer than 25 against TCU. They lost by 38 pts.

I said So Miss can’t give anyone 15 pts. guess what?? They can. To Memphis.

I said Va. Tech would beat up on Ga. Tech. Ga. Tech won outright.

I said Wake Forest had a a shot at an outright win over a favored Clemson team. They lost 38-3.

I said Minnesota could play with Penn State. If they could have kicked a field goal, they cover. They couldn’t.

I said Seattle would dominate Arizona in seattle. Arizona won 27-3.

I said the G-MEN would put a beatdown on the Saints. The Saints won by 21 pts.

I managed to squeeze out 4 wins by teams like Marshall, Arkansas, THE RAMS and THE RAIDERS. A 4-9 week with the reasoning level of a rhesus monkey. don’t worry, i’m still 24-31(-10.1 units with juice). Have faith. 1st goal is hit .500 ASAP AND THEN TAKE OFF. Look for them in a couple days.

My Jets are scary. They finally get the running game going and Sanchez looks like he never played the game. Also, our all pro nose tackle is out for the season. I think they are better than they are playing now. Sanchez and the injury on D are my main concerns. Can you comeback from a game like sanchez had??? He did the same thing in New Orleans. Should be interesting.

I think it was nice of Sherman Williams to take a break from selling paint to call the offensive plays for the Redskins. I’m sure it will make a big difference.

Somebody better teach Tomlinson of the Bolts and Bradshaw of the Giants, how to block on blitzes, before the 2 QB’S that were traded for on the same day get killed.

Denver is now making huge special teams plays. Add that to everything else and that spells trouble. Teams that win games on special teams, seem to be destined success.

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Free College Football and NFL Picks for Saturday and Sunday(10/17-10/18) from Matthew C

(DISCLAIMER) Well, we went 3-1 saturday and then imploded with an 0-3 sunday for a 3-4 week. I have taken drastic action. I seem to narrow down my picks and leave winners on the table while losers make the cut. this week i am picking every game i like. We are 20-22 for the year and will be in the money next week. let’s do this:

2009 NCAAF RECORD: 13-13 50%
2009 NFL RECORD: 7-9 44%
2009 OVERALL RECORD: 20-22 48%


-OHIO ST. – 13 – Purdue is terrible and I see no way they can play with Ohio St.. this is a rout.

-WAKE FOREST + 7.5 – Clemson is not ready to lay that much to a good WF team. I see a close game with WAKE possibly winning outright.

-MINNNESOTA + 18 – Minny won in happy valley not long ago. They are better than people think and have been in some close games. JOE PA has played one decent team and lost. I know everyone thinks this is where Penn State explodes. I say they will be lucky to come out with a win.

-MARSHALL + 21 – Marshall is improving this year. They are competetive. WEST VA. is not that good and can’t cover big spreads they are terrible fundamentally. I say Marshall stays close til the 4th quarter and hangs on to cover.

-TEXAS A@M – 5 – Of course they were overrated, but i think the Aggies are looking to beat up on someone. Kansas State fits the profile. I think the aggies roll.

-VA TECH – 3 – The hokies are a very good team who recently had a close call. They are physical. Ga. Tech is all about the run not on VA TECH’S D. the one dimensional stuff won’t work for Ga. Tech. Plus, the Hokies will run wild on a terrible yellowjacket defense. no contest here.

-COLO ST. + 23 – TCU doesn’t seem as good as touted. Cake schedule, but not convincing. CSU is spunky and playing a familiar opponent. That’s just too many points to give.

-MEMPHIS +15 – So Miss hasn’t earned the right to give anyone 15. Both teams suck, so i’ll grab the 15.

-ARKANSAS + 25 – Florida will be sore after LSU. Arkansas is a totally different team. Florida could be a little flat and this is Arkansas’s national championship game. I think they can stay within 25.


-ST LOUIS + 10 – Yup, i said it. This is the week they play competetive. Jacksonville doesn’t know if it’s coming or going. Get away to florida and let it all hang out. Jacksonville thinks you can turn it on and off whenever you want. You can’t.

-NY GIANTS + 3 – I see Shockey is mouthing off again. His team has not been tested and the Giants will do more than that. The Jets gift wrapped their loss to the Saints, but shut them down. The Giants won’t gift wrap anything. Saints get beat down.

-OAKLAND + 14.5 – Philly is overhyped and the Raiders can’t play any worse than last week. If they stay close early, they will be just fine. Philly can’t give anyone 14.5 on the road, not even to the Raiders.

-SEATTLE – 3 – Hasslebeck is back and seattle has life in a terrible division. Arizona tried to let Houston win last week, but Houston couldn’t take it. Arizona is just not even close to last year. Love Seattle.

– So there you have it. As Carl, the assistant greenskeeper in caddyshack said, right after the gopher bit him on the finger, “I guess the the kidding is pretty much over with now, isn’t it”. We cash this week and that will cash us for the year. Then, look out.

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Weekly NCAA and Pro Football Roundup – News and Notes from Matthew C.


Florida amazes me. They can play speed ball or smash mouth ball. They out hit a very physical LSU team on the road. They ran the ball and kept the air show at home. Meyer is incredible. He’s known for gadgets but, he is the most fundamentally sound coach in the country. Saban is close. He could go to an elementary school and have them in the top 10 in 2 yrs or less. Right now, in my opinion, they are heads and shoulders above everyone else in the country.

– It makes me sick to see Texas talked about in the national championship debate. They haven’t beat one good team, and really don’t have any on their schedule. Someone must tell me if they play someone later because I am going from memory. They do it every year. They must be taking the JOE PA approach.

Cincinnati is not getting the respect they deserve. To date, they have done everything right, and played some decent teams. I’m not saying they are the best, but they should be bringing some respect to their team. They got smoked in a BCS bowl last year, and I think they learned and are on a mission. I’m just saying, I wouldn’t want to play them right now.

– You got to give Oregon some love. After that 1st game debacle, they are not only winning, they are pasting people. I don’t know if they are a factor in anyway, but for a team to stay together, coach and players, through what they went through, is a credit to them.

– Some teams I believe making great strides this year:
South Fla
Wake Forest
South Carolina
Virginia tech
There are allot more and I will list them in another article.
I will also list programs I think are going backwards.

– Is there a more meaningless award in all of sports than the Heisman Trophy? It’s a pre-designed political campaign. Please, spare us the agony.


– I have already let it be known, I am a Jets fan. The offense was acceptable. The defense, who likes to talk, got manhandled by the Dolphins offense worse than any beat down I’ve seen in the NFL. This was boys against men. It was a great gameplan by the Dolphins. But, make no mistake about, the Dolphins players pushed them up and down the field at will. The Dolphins O wanted the game more than the Jets D did. It was obvious. I won’t even talk about Braylon Edwards right now. The beat down is the main story. Dolphins get all the credit, but the Jets D did not show up to play football and didn’t want the game. That’s a horrible sign.

– I do admire the Dolphins. They didn’t quit last year and they didn’t quit this year. Henne is raw, but they find a way to win. The D needs to tighten up a lot, though.

– I understand the wildcat, I just don’t understand why it’s successful. It’s either a handoff to outside or keep and pick a hole. That all takes time. Where is the penetration by the defenses into the backfield? I understand it’s good execution by the offense, but c’mon, it’s not complicated. It’s power running. I just don’t get it.

-I have to apologize to Cincinnati. I doubted them. I don’t think they are a great team, but i think they are capable of beating anyone. They sure don’t give up. Now Baltimore, who I thought was good, is highly overrated. Flacco is still young and good, but not that good. The D is old and has no discipline. The intensity level scares nobody. I think Ray Rice is the sunny spot for that team. They just aren’t the same.

– It’s nice to see an organization do the right things right and be rewarded. The Broncos hired McDaniel’s and was criticized. They almost traded Marshal and didn’t. Those decisions have enabled them to be a solid football team who will be there when the playoffs are decided.
McDaniel’s has started about as well as a 33 yr old coach can. He wins, is a player’s coach and gets maximum effort from his players. They don’t make mistakes. This isn’t luck. I watched the whole NE game. They are a darn good team. Also, give props to Marshal. He was sat in practice and demanded a trade. I was thinking it’s just another receiver with TO disease instead, according to the Bronco front office and all players and coaches, Marshal made an about face the day he was benched and was the total professional. He worked hard everyday and changed his attitude. The whole team took notice. Now, he is one of the best WR’s in the game and is considered a great teammate. You can see it on the field. He is not selfish and celebrates with his teammates. He also compliments his teammates every interview. SOMEONE FINALLY GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One short note. Look into the world of college basketball and see what’s going on with Binghamton University basketball. I live right near campus. Read up on it. I will write about what is not being told if people want to here about. Also, since i came onto this site late in the baseball season, I will not comment on it this year.

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Free College Football and NFL Picks for Saturday and Sunday(10/10-10/11) from Matthew C

carolina-panthersFREE FOOTBALL PICKS FROM MATTHEW C.(Please note Matthew C is a blog writer for FSR and not affiliated with’s professional handicapping service in any way.)

2009 NCAAF RECORD: 10-12 46%
2009 NFL RECORD: 7-6 54%
2009 OVERALL RECORD: 17-18 49%

Ok, another unacceptable week. Went 3-3 to bring our season total to 17-18. No more talk, just action. Getting into the money this week.


Minnesota – 3.5 – Minny lost a tough one to Wisconsin last week. They are spunky this year and their home crowd shows up. Purdue lost to a terrible Northwestern team last week. I’ll lay the points.

Wyoming -10 – New Mexico is probably the worst team in the country right now. Wyoming isn’t much better, but have played a couple good games. I’ll give the 10.

Georgia +1.5 – Tough loss to LSU last week. Look for big rebound against average Tennessee team that lost to auburn last week. Georgia needs to get away on the road, where they dominate. Love georgia to pick up the win.

Louisville +2 – Desperation time for Louisville. Fans are sick of them. So miss lost to UAB last time out. Big East is too physical for them. Even a horrible Louisville team. I like them to win at home.


Carolina -3.5 – Desperate for win and coming off bye week. Facing a Skin’s team that just beat TB team last week. Home game can’t hurt. I’ll give the points.

ATL/SF under 41 – Should be a close game. Neither team really airs it out. I see a really close, low scoring game. Like the under 41.

Baltimore -8 – Ravens are foaming at the mouth. I also saw Cincy play last week. I think that adds up to a Ravens blowout this week. If the Bengals are for real, this would be the game to show it. I don’t think they are. i’m giving the 8.

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NFL and College Football Notes and Opinions – Ravens got Jobbed, Michigan is a Fraud, Erin Andrews is the Best Sideline Report and More…


– I see Bob Stoops weaved his magic again in Miami. Va Tech destroyed Miami and Miami beats Oklahoma. Don’t give me the Bradford excuse. Stoops has plenty of talent and should have adjusted by now. He doesn’t know how.

– Looks like Michigan is a good team, but not a contender. Michigan St is not that good. I know it’s a rivalry game, but a better than average Michigan team wins that game.
– Who made Joe pa’s schedule, Joe pa? Who makes Mack brown’s schedule, Mack brown? Pathetic.

– Looks like South Florida is making another run, without their starting QB. Funny how they can do it and Oklahoma can’t. I wonder why?

– Has any team been more overrated at the beginning of the year than Cal? They were at # 6. They shouldn’t be in the top 25, especially with the 2 major beat downs they took. Same old song and dance.

– Has anyone seen the special segment for people to ask Lou Holtz questions on ESPN? Are you kidding me? The guy has been senile the last 20 yrs and was one of the most overrated coaches in football. It actually would be funny if it were not so creepy. He’s scary crazy. Somewhere in jail, Charles Manson is watching it on TV and thinking, “this guy is nuts”.

LSU and Florida. Should be interesting. It’s the 1st team Florida has played and even though LSU doesn’t look pretty, they have been in some battles already. Also Alabama and Ole Miss will show what Ole Miss has.

– The NCAA once again doesn’t get it. A penalty should only be called for excessive celebrations or taunting the other team if a kid raises his fingers for 3 seconds (LSU game) and doesn’t do anything else, that’s 15 yes on a crucial kickoff? It’s football. It is supposed to be emotional. It’s pretty obvious when someone goes too far. Hold the flag any other time.

– I think Boise State struggling with UC Davis should end the debate about them playing for the title. I say they are lucky to be in the top 25. PLAY SOMEONE!!!!

Mark Sanchez single handedly lost the game for the Jets. The rest of the offense didn’t help either. The defense held New Orleans in check. they played good enough to win. I didn’t think Sanchez would play great all year, but I didn’t expect the “everything he does is wrong” game, either. Once again, it’s important to see how they respond to a bad defeat. Good teams win their next game. We shall see.

– It’s official to me: Tony Romo is the worst starting QB in the league. I would take Campbell or the new guy at TB over Mr. Hype. He gives them virtually no chance to win if he is called upon. He is inaccurate. He can’t read coverages. He panics in the pocket and either takes sacks or fumbles. He is not a leader in any way. The game against Denver was one of the worst efforts I’ve ever seen. His teammates were visibly upset. That’s not a good sign. If buddy Hackett was his backup, I would start him over Romo. At least the offense would be treated to his hilarious jokes.

– Someone explain to me how the referees beat the Ravens? The Patriots sure didn’t do it. Every crucial NE drive was kept alive by some bizarre penalty call. So a guy rushing the QB, who is engaged with o-linemen, ends up getting thrown near Tom Brady’s legs, and that’s a personal foul?? I know you can’t intentionally go after someone’s legs, and I agree. But it is football, and you can’t expect a defender to rush the QB while getting blocked and not occasionally come near the legs. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. Also, the play where the ravens offensive lineman got hurt was an obvious late hit on Flaco that wasn’t called. Brady is a great player, but he is now the Kobe Bryant of the NFL. come near him and it’s an automatic penalty. He has even started begging for the calls. Can you say “HOME JOB”.

– What’s wrong with Tennessee this year? They suck. I don’t understand why everyone is so confused. You are judged on how you play, not on paper. They are terrible on the field, hence they are a poor team. I don’t get all the confusion.

– I hate to say it, but my boy Brett Favre looks good with the Vikings. That will only make his inevitable collapse even funnier. Haven’t we seen this before? Even if they make the playoffs, wait for their 1st game. That train always runs on time.

– The Bears aren’t there yet, but they are starting to believe. I hate Jay Cutler, but he’s playing well. The running game is starting to look good. The defense still needs to tighten up. The ingredients are there. Time will tell.

– The Raiders…uh…uh…uh… never mind. The words just aren’t coming to me.
– Steve Smith of the Giants is one of the best route runners I’ve seen in some time. He’s not a burner, but is also not slow. His footwork is perfect and routes are flawless. He does it with such grace it’s almost like it’s not hard. and he goes over the middle. I like the other 2 Giants receivers as well. They are still learning, but are very talented.

– I have to address this issue. Erin Andrews and her situation are none of my business. Just another freak who thankfully didn’t hurt her. My issue is with Andrews perception by most sports people I have heard they say she is there because she is pretty, but she doesn’t know anything about sports and asks stupid questions. I have a different opinion.

It’s pretty obvious she is an attractive woman. That is irrelevant to my opinion. She is the best sideline reporter (basketball too) in the business. She knows sports and what’s going on. She also seems to be the hardest worker on the sidelines. She is always checking the attitudes of players on the teams on the bench. It’s a “vibe”. Anyone who has played sports knows momentum shifts affect the players. If you get down, you’re in big trouble. We wouldn’t know things like that without her. Whenever they go to her she talks about something relevant to the game. She doesn’t interview Carrot Top in the bleachers. (I must admit, I love carrot top’s high brow humor). She’s not the most technical, but she doesn’t need to be. She reports on the intangibles, which are very important.

Lastly, she asks very good questions that are precise and actually make a coach or player think. I’d rather listen to her than some old gasbag man in the booth who thinks he’s an expert and drives you insane. I also think she works very hard because she does give allot of information during a game.

So that’s my stance on Erin Andrews. She is a good sports reporter. If you don’t see that you are blinded by other things.

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Free College Football and NFL Picks for Saturday and Sunday(10/3-10/4) from Matthew C

miami-dolphinsFREE FOOTBALL PICKS FROM MATTHEW C.(Please note Matthew C is a blog writer for FSR and not affiliated with’s professional handicapping service in any way.)

2009 NCAAF RECORD: 9-10 47%
2009 NFL RECORD: 5-5 50%
2009 OVERALL RECORD: 14-15 48%

Well it finally happened last week. The stars aligned the right way. Nostrodamus wrote a quatrane about it. It was also on the mayan calender. Of course, I am referring to the 2-6 beatdown i received last week. Word is, the CIA is thinking of ditching waterboarding for the detainees at gitmo. They instead will make the prisoners bet my games and make them watch them on TV. That is definitley torture. They say it could be the most effective way of obtaining information since interrogations have begun.

Now that I have done my duty for the country, it’s time to start cooking. We are still at 14-15 for the year, and this week we get in the money again.


North Carolina -13 – NC got beat down at home by GA TECH last week. They are looking to paste someone. who better than virginia? They are horrible. Davis is a rah rah guy and I think they roll laying the 13 at home.

Kentucky +16 – This is a bitter rivalry. Kentucky got jumped on by FLA. Last week and had no chance. I know Bama is great, but they will let some teams hang around. I think it’s going to be an ugly game with Bama just looking for a “W”. I’ll take the points.

Stanford -5 – The cardinal score alot of points at home. UCLA has not been lighting up the scoreboard this year. Both teams are making good strides, but i think Stanford is a little ahead with their progress. I’ll lay the points at home.


Chicago -10 – I know Detroit is all excited, but they did beat Washingtion. Chicago is playing good ball and I expect Detroit to be hungover from last week. Back to reality this week. Lay the 10 at home.

NY Jets +7 – Clash of freight trains sunday in the big easy. You have 2 contrasting styles here. NO offense hasn’t been challenged. It will be sunday. The Jets are physical and the Saints are not. combine that with 7 pts, and the jets win outright, it’s a no brainer.

Miami + 2.5 – Have to believe Miami can beat a mediocre Bills team at home. Miami just has to relax and they should be fine. The Bills haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire. I can’t resist Miami at home in this game.

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Football Roundup 10/1/09 – News and Notes Around College and NFL


What a whackey week in football last week. Lets get down to it.


– I warned you about Mississippi. They are not that good. South Carolina should have beat them by 100. If the old ball coach could generate some offense, they would be dangerous.

Pittsburgh can find a way to lose to anyone. Cincinnati is rolling. Can they play with the big boys? I think they can.

-Is South Florida back, or did they just play a weak opponent?

Iowa dominated Penn St to take over Big 10. I think they can beat Ohio St as of right now. But that doesn’t matter. One game at a time. Michigan has played a weak schedule, but it’s hard to criticize 3-0.

Joe Pa hasn’t beat anyone all year and Bobby Bowden is tanking again. The meaningless race continues.

– I normally don’t enjoy games like Texas Tech and Houston, but watching a team start to come into it’s own was pretty exciting. They won’t compete with the big boys, but any given game they could surprise someone.

– Someone might want to tell the Purdue head coach he should use his timeouts to help his own team instead of helping his opponents. oh well, Notre Dame owes him one.

– Polls are meaningless. Why do people look at them? They make no sense whatsoever. Just play the games.

– How bad a coach was Greg Robinson at Syracuse? Marroney has them playing competitive ball his 1sy year with a QB who hadn’t played in 3 yrs. 2 wins and a tough loss to a good Miinnesota team. Last year, they couldn’t get a snap off half the time.


Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell are quite the combo. I could get 10 of my middle aged and out of shape friends, and we could shut out Washington. Detroit beating them was not an upset. They are clearly a better team.

– It was hard to watch Dallas and Carolina monday night. They both suck. Deep middle was open for both teams but they chose not to take it. And what is going on when the Cowboys have 2nd and goal at the 1 and throw 2 terrible passes forcing a FG. Huh???

– Why do people always look ahead. The Jets are playing great ball, but everyone wants to look ahead. You go game by game. They are very talented, and when they get their running game going, they will be that much better. Haven’t we learned anything can happen in the NFL?

– I hate to tell you, but Denver is getting better every game. That’s a good sign. Stranger things have happened.

– Why did the Steelers go into a prevent defense with 6 minutes to go against Cincinnati? The last coach on earth i would 2nd guess is Dick Lebeau, but they weren’t even covering guys running 13 yd patterns. They made it easy for cincy to come back.

– The Cardinals are unbelievable. They were a fluke. I’ve never seen a team that lacks the fundamentals of football as badly as they do. It’s over.

Miami is seeing that last year was magical, but it was last year. They make things too complicated. A little wildcat is ok, but let’s not go insane.

– Is Eric Mangini the worst head coach ever? I know he doesn’t have alot of talent, but his teams sleepwalk through games and appear to have no relationship with him. SHOW SOME EMOTION!!!!!!!! IT’S FOOTBALL.

– Please explain how a Vikings receiver can get behind the 49ers coverage in the endzone with 10 seconds left in the game? That is nearly impossible. I know the lack of pass rush doesn’t help, but you know that is going to be the case in that situation. You couldn’ make a bigger mistake on defense. From 3-0 to 2-1. Those losses can kill a team. We’ll see how they respond.

– How did Jim Mora Jr. get a job coaching again? It was nice of him to give the Bears a win on sunday. i guess it’s a name thing. he certainly isn’t there based on merit.

– The Bills are not playoff material. There is nothing about them that impresses me. Dick Jauron is a nice guy, but i think the cat is out of the bag.


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