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Money management is the key to betting on sports. It does not matter if you win 70% of your bets if you are not following a disciplined and strict money management system. At, we stress to ALL of our clients that they must bet responsibly and intelligently. We strongly advise that all of our clients read and follow our highly successful rating system, money management advice, and sports handicapping tips and predictions. NSA's top handicapper Sonny LaFouchi(aka The LEGEND!) has been making dollar players into dime players and dime players into millionaires for almost three decades now. He is widely considered by the majority of vegas sportsbook managers to be the #1 sports bettor and line mover in the industry today. Sonny can turn your winning dreams into reality if you simply put 100% of your faith into his sports betting expertise. Sonny's blueprint for success is very simple and easy to follow. Listen to the man and he will take you to heights you never though were possible betting on sports. Read below to learn more about's money management, rating system, true wiseguy moves, and line policy. Once you are done digesting all of that, check out our sports betting investment packages to start WINNING BIG today with USA's #1 Sports Handicapping Service!

25*-20*= These are the best selections in the industry and highest rated we ever give out. They are usually our Games of the Day, Week, Month, and Year. Do not expect them to be everyday, as they depend upon our confidence in the selection. ALL 25*-20* plays must meet our very demanding and strict guidelines before they can get labeled a 25*-20* release.
10*= This will be one of the best selections we give out and it is a major True WISEGUY Move. This will be an extremely strong release. Again, this all depends upon how confident we are on this pick, so do not expect a 10* everyday.
5*= This will usually a very, very strong release that is one of the highest-rated selections on the board. These are not 20* or 10* quality, but are still picks that are played by many of the industry's high rollers.
4*= This will be a very strong KEY RELEASE that we have handicapped and are very confident in playing.
3*= This will be a pick that is a sound, solid release that will connect at a high percentage and produce a long term profit.
2*= This will be a pick that we release to the public as a "free" or "comp" pick. You can play it if you like, but by no means should you risk too much on it.
1*= This will be a pick that we release to the public as a "free" or "comp" pick. You can play it if you like, but by no means should you risk that much on it.
There are a couple of ways to play our "premium" picks. Some of our members like to play every bet for the same amount, except they will just choose to play our higher rated KEY RELEASES(usually the 10*--2*-25* releases - some only play the 25*-20*'s). They feel since those picks hit at a higher percentage, than they can maximize their profit by simply playing all of those for the same amount each pick. Other members, meanwhile, like to "weight" each bet they make, based on the "rating" of the pick. If you used this system, you would obviously put your biggest bet amounts on the 25*-20*'s and decrease the amount as the "rating" of the pick goes down. It's up to you how much to bet, according to your bankroll. Which system is best? Both will definitely make you substantial money if you stay true to it. It's all a matter of preference. Whichever system you decide to use, I would strongly recommend you stick with it. If you keep flopping back and forth every two days, than you will not maximize your profit potential. Email us if you have questions. - Sonny LaFouchi
Anyway, here is a quick breakdown. Please save/remember this.

25*-20* = Simply put, the strongest plays in the industry
10* = Monster wiseguy move worth betting heavily
5* = Huge wiseguy move that should hurt your bookie
4* = All the wiseguys are on this one
3* = Solid release that is steady and consistent
2* = Worth playing small
1* = Bet a beer on this release(comp/free plays)
All of our selections are the nation's only "True WISEGUY Moves". What does that mean? It means that no other service in the country has as much info or is privy to as much info on the games we release. Each selection is based on, but not limited to, our own handicapping methods, inside information, and personal contacts(wiseguys). Inside information is not talking about games being "fixed", but rather information that is not available to the general public, which can have a direct effect on any outcome. This could include players out partying and being sluggish, late-day suspensions, managers lineups, flight difficulties, family illnesses, and other information that is given to us by our close network of associates. Quite simply, NO OTHER SERVICE IN THE COUNTRY has as much hard-core information and angles on any game we release than the National Sports Advisors. ALL OF OUR 3*-25* RATED SELECTIONS ARE "True WISEGUY Moves". Other services claiming to have them are just wannabe's and fake salesmen.

***LINE POLICY: All of the lines we give out are the exact lines at the time we post them. Obviously lines will fluctuate during the day, so if you purchased our picks late and are wondering why a pick we gave as -5 is now -6.5, it's because of line movement. However, unless there is a drastic line movement, we recommend you still play all of our picks even if the line has moved. We would not give out the pick as a "True WISEGUY Move" if we were worried about a line movement of 1-2 points. However, all of our results that we use in our newsletter or on our site will be based on the line we gave out. Whatever you do, ALWAYS SHOP FOR LINES. You really should have at least 3 sportsbooks that use unique betting lines, as it will really make you a lot of money in the long haul. If you ever have any questions regarding a line if it has moved since we posted our selection, than please don't hesitate to email us at We will attempt to answer all emails as soon as possible.

***RATINGS vs UNITS: Some of you are not sure if the "star" is directly correlated to "units". No, it is not. A 20* pick does NOT mean we are recommending you bet 20 Units or 20X your normal wager. We advise all of you to wager more on each 25*-20* pick than you would on a 5* pick for example, but to do so without putting yourself in danger of going bankrupt should the 25*-20* lose. Remember, there are no guarantees in betting and nobody connects on 100% of their top picks. Some good avice would be to develop a system where you decide which plays you are going to play from us(example-the 10*-20*-25* picks) and increase your bet size by 1 Unit at each level. Obviously you might increase it by 2-3 units on a 10* or 20*-25* pick, but by no means are we recommending that you risk your entire bankroll on a 10*, 20* or 25* pick. We recommend you NEVER bet more than 10% of your bankroll on 1 play. It is prudent to stay between 2-10% on each play, and obviously your 2-10% bet size will increase as your bankroll increases. Your 2% might be $100 today, and be $120 next week. If you stay within your limits and develop a strict system and live by it, than you will never have to worry about going bankrupt. Certainly not if you just play our plays. Email us if you need further advice.
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